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Win November Man Prize Packs - James Bond News at

Win November Man Prize Packs

To celebrate release of Pierce Brosnan's spy drama MI6 can offer readers the chance to win a 'The November Man' prize pack
Fontainebleau Miami Beach - James Bond News at

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

James Bond is checked into the Fontainebleau Hotel when 'M' tasks his top 00-agent to keep tabs on the villainous Goldfinger
Sean Connery on Dame Edna - James Bond News at

Sean Connery on Dame Edna

Sir Sean Connery was one of the first guests for the Dame Edna Experience back in 1987 in this rarely seen interview
Iconic Henchman - James Bond News at

Iconic Henchman

The casting search has started for an classic henchman in the style of Jaws or Oddjob for Bond 24
Snow Business - James Bond News at

Snow Business

A small Austrian mountain town is looking forward to three days of Bond 24 shooting in January
Tom Pevsner (1926-2014) - James Bond News at

Tom Pevsner (1926-2014)

Executive producer Tom Pevsner, who worked with three James Bond actors in his tenure, has died aged 87
Pierce Brosnan Interview - James Bond News at

Pierce Brosnan Interview

Speaking to MI6 contributor Briggon Snow, 'The November Man' star reflects on his return to the spy genre and his time as Bond
Sex and Bizarre Situations - James Bond News at

Sex and Bizarre Situations

Internal FBI documents have revealed that J. Edgar Hoover was worried about the character of James Bond and even investigated 'Goldfinger'
November Man Premiere - James Bond News at

November Man Premiere

Briggon Snow reports from the red carpet, where Bond alumni Pierce Brosnan and Olga Kurylenko celebrated release of their new picture
Ian Fleming Obituary - James Bond News at

Ian Fleming Obituary

'Sorry to trouble you.' 50 years ago today, Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond 007, died from a heart attack
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