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Bond 24 Cinematographer - James Bond News at

Bond 24 Cinematographer

'Her' and 'Interstellar' director of photography Hoyte Van Hoytema will be behind the camera of Bond 24 for director Sam Mendes
Goldfinger Auction Report - James Bond News at

Goldfinger Auction Report

The golden DB5 auctioned today by Christie's and EON Productions fetched £55,000 for charity
007 Trading Card Reprints - James Bond News at

007 Trading Card Reprints

MI6 has secured a limited number of these little-seen trading card reprints which were recalled in 1964 for their 'questionable' content
Goldfinger Premiere - James Bond News at

Goldfinger Premiere

50 years ago today, 'Goldfinger' premiered at the Odeon in Leicester Square, London, to hysterical crowds
Cheap And Tawdry - James Bond News at

Cheap And Tawdry

At the height of Bond mania, Sean Connery slammed the merchanising as 'cheap and tawdry' and criticized Goldfinger as 'too gimmicky'
Bond Science: Goldfinger's Plan - James Bond News at

Bond Science: Goldfinger's Plan

Goldfinger's plot to irradiate the US gold reserve seemed ingenious, but would it really have worked?
Bottoms Up: Mint Julep - James Bond News at

Bottoms Up: Mint Julep

Auric Goldfinger selected the perfect cocktail to share with James Bond at his Kentucky stud farm
Start Date Confirmed - James Bond News at

Start Date Confirmed

Principal photography for the 24th James Bond film will commence on December 6th, 2014
Page To Screen: Meeting Jill - James Bond News at

Page To Screen: Meeting Jill

How does James Bond's on-screen meeting with Jill Masterson compare to Ian Fleming's original novel?
The Private Life of James Bond - James Bond News at

The Private Life of James Bond

Shortly after 'Goldfinger' opened in UK cinemas, American newspapers published a profile piece on Sean Connery and his wife
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