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Christopher Nolan's production company linked to Bond 25

04-May-2017 • No Time To Die

UPDATE (May 4th): Syncopy has been removed from the Company Credits page on IMDB for Bond 25.

IMDB is far from the most reliable source, especially when a film is in pre-production, as entries can be edited by IMDB members and are not necessarily verified.

With that caveat out of the way, something interesting popped up in the Bond 25 entry on IMDB recently.

In the 'Company Credits' page for Bond 25, Syncopy is listed alongside the usual trio of Danjaq, EON Productions, and MGM. 

Syncopy is a London-based production company owned by Christopher Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas. As well as the recent Batman trilogy, Syncopy is also credited on 'Inception', 'Man of Steel', 'Interstellar' and 'Dunkirk'.

If this is accurate, it would indicate that Christopher Nolan may be directing Bond 25.

Back in 2014 whilst promoting 'Interstellar', Christopher Nolan said: "I love James Bond and I've talked with the producers over the years, but nothing's ever worked out. They do a great job and they don't need me right now, and Sam [Mendes] is an extraordinary talent."

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