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Dave Bautista talks SPECTRE fight scene

15-May-2021 • Spectre (2015)

Dave Bautista has shared his experience of filming as news broke that he will be starring opposite Daniel Craig once again, but this time in his 'Knives Out' sequel.

THR: Bautista is also eager to reunite with Daniel Craig on a project that is far less rigorous than their experience together on Sam Mendes’ Spectre. During a fight scene between Craig’s Bond and Bautista’s Hinx, Craig suffered a torn meniscus that halted production for a short while. And once filming resumed, Bautista suffered a nose injury during reshoots for the very same fight scene.

“I lost a nose and he lost a knee. Yes, I am excited to be working with Daniel again. And I’m excited that it will be in a much, much less stressful environment because being on a Bond film is just hard. It’s just stressful,” Bautista shares. “But I think [Knives Out 2] is just a much more lighthearted film, and the environment that we’re shooting in is going to be beautiful, warm and sunny. So anyway, every time I’ve run into Daniel, it’s always been a good experience, and I’m looking forward to reuniting with him and actually having some dialogue on-screen with him.”

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