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'Skyfall' extra reveals details on underground sequence

29-Mar-2012 • Skyfall

An extra has spilled some beans to his local newspaper about his brief time on the new James Bond film "Skyfall".

Speaking to This Is North Devon, Andy Shepherd, 61, is retired but has been on location with blockbusters due to his step daughter being an assistant director.

Last month he spent two weekends in London to be an extra on "Skyfall". He was filmed sitting on a train, along with 250 other extras, in Charing Cross Station while James Bond, aka Daniel Craig, is being chased by the film's 'baddie' Javier Bardem.

The retired draining and sewage training consultant said: "It was just the one scene which was filmed over four days, so there was a lot of waiting around. It is so interesting to see how the films are actually made. A bonus was getting to sit in the cab of a tube."

"You do get to see quite a bit of the stars when they are on set, and quite often they have a joke around with us extras. Most of them are really friendly, Johnny Depp and Daniel Craig are very nice."

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