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Sony unveil 'Skyfall' trailer at Las Vegas convention

26-Apr-2012 • Skyfall

Sony Pictures debuted the "Skyfall" teaser trailer for invited guests at CinemaCon 2012, the convention for the national association of theatre owners in Las Vegas yesterday.

The crowd in Caesars Palace were treated to the first look at the new James Bond film, which will be released publicly on May 25th when it is attached to the release of "Men In Black 3". It was part of Sony's 45 minute presentation of what to expect in 2012.

Various reports of what was contained within the trailer have hit blogs and forums online, and the details vary, but some of the key points are:

- The trailer opens with an evaluation of Bond in the form of a word association game. Dialogue is heard over establishing shots of London such as “Country”/“England”, “Gun”/“Shot”, “Agent”/“Provocateur”, “Murder”...“Employment”.

- The interrogation room is revealed to include M and Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) behind glass as Bond speaks. The last word is "Skyfall........ Skyfall", to which Bond replies, "Done" and walks up to the glass.

- A montage of fast cuts then follows giving glimpses at major action scenes filmed so far including the chase in London and falling from a height in to water.

- Bond is seen outside the Macao casino.

- The action wraps with a shot of the London underground train stunt.

- Over shots of coffins draped in Union Jack flags, Bond concludes the trailer by saying, “Some men are coming to kill us. We’ve got to kill them first.”

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