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Pierce Brosnan wishes he was as cool as James Bond

15-Aug-2014 • Bond News

Throughout the years, Pierce Brosnan’s blown up dozens of buildings, seduced countless femme fatales and killed off enough bad guys to have single-handedly kept the bullet industry in the black. But according to the 61-year-old actor, he’s not nearly as deadly as we’d all like to believe, in the August issue of Du Jour magazine.

"I just wish I was as cool as they are," Brosnan says, referring to the unflappable operatives he’s so memorably played throughout the years. "If I got into a fight in a bar, I’d miss the dude by miles, I wouldn’t know how to connect. It would be a comedy."

"[The James Bond] role is a gift that keeps giving in many respects," Brosnan says. "I resist any negative feelings or tension as it’s such an iconic role. I think there’s space for people who enjoyed my work as Bond to enjoy this film and see the guy I once was play the guy I am now."

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