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Steven Berkoff interviewed on BBC Scotland's new show 'Star Talk'

17-Aug-2014 • Media Alert

In the first of a new series, Edi is in the east end of London to meet Steven Berkoff, still the enfant terrible of theatre, despite being in his seventies. He reveals the root of his lifelong anger and why theatre has helped, but not cured, what can make him a terrifying presence on and off stage. He discusses his childhood and his own illegitimate children, early days of theatre and breaking taboo forty years ago at the Edinburgh fringe by using the c word repeatedly. As this interview shows, he is far from mellowing in old age.

Berkoff played opposite Sir Roger Moore in "Octopussy" as the scheming Russian General Orlov, determined to make the Cold War hot. In the interview the actor touches on his run-in with 007 and working with Moore.

Listen online at bbc.co.uk.

Thanks to Paul for the alert.

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