Latest `Bourne` beats Bond`s `Die Another Day` record opening weekend

Die Another Day - 26-07-04
The summer boxoffice season continued to sizzle this weekend as Universal's "The Bourne Supremacy," starring Matt Damon, confidently took the reins in the top spot with a stronger-than-expected debut of an estimated $53.5 million, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

The debut of "Supremacy" was nearly double the $27.1 million first weekend of "The Bourne Identity," which went on to gross $121.7 million by the end of its domestic run. The opening for the PG-13-rated action thriller marks the fourth-largest this summer, Universal's best opening in 2004 and notches a career-high for Damon.

The Bourne franchise is proving to be quite notable indeed as "Supremacy" opened larger than the biggest James Bond debut, MGM's "Die Another Day" ($47.1 million), or Tom Clancy-based feature, Paramount's "Sum of All Fears" ($31.2 million).

Rocco attributed the huge opening for "Supremacy" largely to the story and the character as well as the first film. " 'Bourne Identity's' success whet the appetite for 'Supremacy,' " Rocco said. Adding fuel to the boxoffice fire, according to Universal, "Identity" was the No. 1 VHS/DVD rental last year. The substantial ancillary life of the first "Bourne" film reached a wide audience and built up anticipation for the next film. Demographically, "Supremacy" was split evenly between the genders, while 55% were over 30.

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