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French actor Michael Youn talks about the Casino Royale villain casting process

26-Jan-2006 • Casino Royale

IGN. reports that Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure spoke with French actor-comedian Michaël Youn (Iznogoud) who confirmed rumors that he has indeed been considered for the role of the villain in the next James Bond film, Casino Royale.

"I have been screentested," Youn advised the paper. "They found me fitting for the part, because the person I would have to play is a little crazy. It's a villain who is a bit like the 'Joker' in Batman, but more serious. Of the 500 actors who have been screentested worldwide, I made it among the final 5, and I'm very proud of it...,' he pauses for a moment as if he was biting his tongue for having revealed too much and adds '...even if I don't make it into the movie.'"

It was reported earlier that actor Simon Abkarian had beaten out Youn for the role but IGN point out that it's possible that Abkarian will play a secondary villain named Demetrius, while Youn is still up for the role of the main villain, Le Chiffre.

Thanks to `James Bond [007]` for the alert.

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