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2011 Valencia Action & Adventure Film Festival to focus on 007

27-Mar-2011 • Event

What: Valencia Action and Adventure Film Festival
When: April 11-14th 2011

The 32nd Mostra de Valencia Action and Adventure Film Festival, which opens April 7, will put the spotlight on James Bond 007.

Running April 11-14, the event is entitled "Bond Before the Mirror," the event will analyse 007, asking, "what Bond has represented and [what makes] Bond a contemporary myth," said Mostra director Salomon Castiel. This homage to the greatest screen spy also includes an open-air recital of Bond title themes.

Launched in 1980 as an artfilm fest, the Mostra rebooted as an action-adventure film event at last October's edition.

Archivo 007 will attend the event, publishing exclusive interviews with the speakers, news from the day's events, as well as pictures and videos.


- Monday, April 11

Alfredo Taján (course coordinator)
Fernando Savater: The restless man
Luis Alberto de Cuenca: Ian Fleming: Licence to narrate
L.A. de Cuenca and Alicia Mariño (conversation)

- Tuesday, April 12

Nuria Amat: Why women prefer Bond
Jaime Siles: Epic Bond
J. Siles and Antonio Garrido (conversation)

- Wednesday, April 13

Jesús Aguado: An arsenal in the shoe. Casino Royale and other Bond spoofs
J.Aguado and M.A. Baixauli (conversation). Moderating: Guillermo Busutil
Alberto Manguel: Spy to the spy

- Thursday, April 14

Silvia Grijalba: For your ears only. From John Barry to pop divas
Inocencio Arias: Spanish diplomacy and James Bond
Inocencio Arias and Ramón Blecua (conversation)

Thanks to `Joan` for the alert.

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