Kerim Bey (Pedro Armendariz)

Character: Kerim Bey
Actor: Pedro Armendariz
Movie: From Russia With Love
Age: 51
Appearence: Male, Short, Stocky, with a thick moustache, he dressed with style usually wearing an elegant business suit.
Status: Deceased

Kerim had a personality much the same as James Bond, which is what made Kerim such a loyal ally and friend. His interests and vices included an attraction for beautiful women, as well as smoking and drinking. Like Bond he had the facility to make humour out of a situation, and also took his job very seriously, as was shown, even if he is wounded, he will still fight on for the sake of the mission.

As an agent at MI6's Station T in Istanbul, Kerim was the most powerful intelligence agent in the area. Kerim assisted Bond with his investigations, as well as fighting in many gun battles like the attack on the Gypsy camp, Kerim fought valiantly alongside Bond. As well as using Bond's sniper rifle to kill Krilencu. Tragically Kerim was killed on the Orient Express by the psychotic assassin, Red Grant.