Charles Robinson (Colin Salmon)

Character: Charles Robinson
Actor: Colin Salmon
Movie: Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, Die Another Day
Age: Mid 30's
Appearance: Tall, dark, handsome, properly spoken and well tailored englishman.
Status: Active


Robinson is a fairly senior operative in MI6, having been seen in high level briefings with M and Tanner. It is Robinson whom 007 reports to when he needs to contact HQ.

Robinson is Bond's primary contact to MI6 HQ during the "Tomorrow Never Dies" mission, where he acts as 007's comm's link and delivers mission updates from M. He always seems to be at M's side, and follows her out to the King pipeline in "The World Is Not Enough". Unfortunately for him, the one moment he leaves her own her own, she is kidnapped by Elektra whilst he flies out with Bond and Christmas to the pipeline service node.

Robinson joins Falco and several NSA agents on the Korean border when Bond is handed back to the West in "Die Another Day". "Robinson" is shot and killed during the VR training sequence where Bond fails to protect M. Although only a simulation, Bond's reaction at seeing Robinson "killed" is real. He flies out with M and Falco to brief Bond and Jinx in a US base near the Korean DMZ.