Kamran Shah (Art Malik)

Character: Kamran Shah
Actor: Art Malik
Movie: The Living Daylights
Age: 35
Appearence: Thick black hair, black beard, dark eyes , olive complexion
Status: Unknown

007 found an unusual ally in the middle of an Afghan air base when he ran into Kamran Shah. The leader of an unruly group of rebels, Shah aids Bond in his quest to stop Brad Whittaker playing off between the British and Russian secret services in order to hide his money-making drug deals.

Most memorable quote:
Shah: "We had a little trouble at the airport"

Shah was the courageous leader of the Mujahedeen rebels, a large group of freedom fighters against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Bond first encountered Kamran Shah, when he was thrown in a Soviet jail, along with Shah in the next cell, posing as an ignorant peasant. When Bond freed himself with the aid of his key chain/gas dispenser, he threw Shah the keys, after which the two formed an alliance.

After being taken to the rebels headquarters, Bond discovered the Shah was in fact a highly educated man, and Bond convinced him to help prevent Koskov's opium shipment. The Mujahedeen rebels aided in the mission by attacking the air force base allowing Bond to fly off with the plane and dump the opium.