Chief of Staff Bill Tanner (Michael Kitchen)

Character: Chief of Staff Bill Tanner
Actor: Michael Kitchen
Movie: GoldenEye, The World Is Not Enough
Age: Early 50's
Appearance: Down to earth and weathered gentleman, conservatively dressed
Status: Active


Bill Tanner is a good old friend of James Bond, who he has worked with at MI6 for many years. Preferring the old days and the way things used to be done, he is not initially keen on the change to a female boss, especially a number crunching bean counter.

His attitude towards the new M gets him in hot water during the GoldenEye mission, where Tanner briefs Bond on the state of affairs at MI6 HQ. Knowing a little about everything, Tanner is a brilliant mission analyst and helps determine the true fate of Severnaya despite M's assertions that the weapons programme is too expensive to exist. He reappears at the Scottish MI6 HQ during "The World Is Not Enough" mission to debrief agents on the bomb that killed Sir Robert King at the Vauxhall Cross explosion. He informs Bond that he has been struck off the active duty list due to his shoulder injury.