MI6 takes a first look at new Aston Martin DB9 - the car that could be joining 007 in 2005...

Aston Martin DB9 Unveiled
3rd September 2003

2005 will be a birth of a new Aston Martin. Gone will be the loss making years and days without 007. Enter the new Aston Martin DB9, set for launch at the 2003 Frankfurt International Motor show next week. Company chief executive Ulrich Bez said in a statement to press:

"The DB9 will without doubt be the most important Aston Martin model ever."

AM V8, DB9, Vanquish!

The announcement follows the recent unveiling of the (not to be confused with) Aston Martin V8 Vantage- which goes on sale during 2005.

The new range will be flag shipped by the infamous Aston Martin Vanquish, star of "Die Another Day" - although it will still not available in invisible-edition.

The AM V8 Vantage will be priced at the "Porsche" range at only £60,000, the cheapest Aston Martin to date, whereas the DB9 will takeover from the DB7 on the edge of the six figure price range.


The new DB9 uses a lot of the design features from the updated DB7 - which is now unlikely to go into production as the DB9 is the modern classic's natural successor. It also borrows some of the finer detailing from the Vantage and Vanquish too, keeping the new range a close knit family.

Lightening The Load

In comparison to the Vanquish which weighed in at two tonnes, the new DB5 has been designed with mass in mind. The chassis uses a super stiff aluminum back bone to reduce weight, whilst still providing the necessary strength the cope with the 440 BHP V12 engine. Including other savings, the total weight of the new model has been brought down to 1,700kg. Less weight, means more speed. The lean machine should do 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 186mph. 0-100mph will be clocked under 11 seconds.


Rumours abound that the engine performance was restricted so as not to outperform the flagship Vanquish.

Jeremy Main, director of product development at Aston Martin described the new model:

"The DB9 is a GT, a car you hop into for the weekend for a jaunt across Europe".

Another change of design for the new Aston centres around the gear box, or rather, that it is not centred. The whole box has been shifted behind the driver to achieve better overall balance of the car's weight distribution.

Out With The New, In With The Old

The much criticized "Formula 1" clutchless style gear controls from the Vanquish have been thrown out for the new DB9. Instead will be a choice between an old fashioned manual or a fully automatic box.

Also back in are - rear seats! The DB9 will be the "practical" model of the 2005 range with two small bucket style seats in the rear for children, small adults or yoga experts.

Luxury and Aston Martin go hand in hand, and nothing has been spared for the new DB9. The theme is predominantly aluminum, again emphasizing the lightness of the car, along with plush leather upholstery.

Above: A spy shot of the new DB9 being tested.

Top Dollar

Replacing the DB7 in the range will not be cheap, in fact, the new DB9 will cost around £10,000 more. £107,000 will buy you a factory spec Aston Martin DB9 in 2004 - if you are high up enough on the waiting list. If money is not an issue and you need your car slightly earlier, you can pay £111,000 for the convertible edition in late 2004.

Bonding In 2005

When the new AM V8 Vantage (previously codenamed AM305) was first announced, it seemed the likely successor to the Vanquish for James Bond's next adventure in 2005.

Above: Another shot of the car in testing.

The news of the more expensive DB9 now throws all of that in doubt - Q-branch are more likely to opt for the higher-spec DB9 over the Vantage, and the Vanquish is likely to take a back seat from 007's adventures.

Aston Martin hope to sell 2000 models of the car a year from it's factory in Warwickshire, UK - although having the world's most famous secret agent driving around in one may boost those estimates.

Technical Specification

Model: Aston Martin DB9
Compact Coupe/Hatchback
Coupe: £107,000
Convertible: £111,000

Double overhead cam (DOHC)
V12 cylinder configuration
5935 CC
48 valves
Premium unleaded fuel

Horsepower: 440 hp
0-60mph: 4.7 seconds
0-100mph: 11 seconds
Top speed: 300 kph

Rear wheel drive
6-speed (manual or fully automatic gear box)

Weight: 1710 kg
Length: 4697 mm
Width: 1875 mm
Height: 1318 mm

Four-wheel independent suspension
Front and rear stabilizer bar

Brakes: Front and rear ventilated disc brakes Front Tyres: 235/40 ZR 19 Bridgestone
Rear Tyres: 275/35 ZR 19 Bridgestone

Bucket front seats
Leather upholstery
Two front seat headrests

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