MI6 profiles Olga Kurylenko, 007's latest female interest in the upcoming 22nd James Bond adventure...

Meet The Cast - Olga Kurylenko
14th January 2007

In the well-kept tradition of 007's adventures, Bond girls are alluring, quick-witted young ladies who just about any man would fall for. 28-year-old Olga Kurylenko from the Ukraine is certainly no exception. In an announcement last week, producers confirmed that Kurylenko had signed on for the lead female in the 22nd James Bond outing - currently in production.

In the official statement it was revealed that Olga is set to play the dangerously alluring Camille. Only few character details were revealed, but Olga's road to Bond 22 and stardom is an interesting adventure in itself.

Born on the 14th of November, 1979 in Berdyansk, Ukraine, Olga grew up in the midst of a broken family during the period when Ukrainians were dominated by Soviet regime. Her and her mother lived together with a variety of extended family in a four-room flat. Berdyansk provided its townspeople with one major source of income - it was home to the Azov Sea spring water plant. When the factory went bankrupt and closed, Olga's mother spent all hours of the day at odd jobs while her grandmother took care of her daughter.

At the early age of 13 on the busy Moscow subway, a Russian talent agent approached Olga and her mother, Marina. Years later, Marina reported to the press that she was at first suspicious of the scout.

Name: Olga Kurylenko
Character: Camille
Film: Quantum of Solace
Height: 5" 9' (1.75m)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green

"I was very surprised and kept asking this woman whether she had some hidden agenda. I was amazed a complete stranger could scout for models like this", she said. Yet, after receiving details from the agent and a promise of a bright future, she agreed to join the agent's books and was told she would be contacted when she turned 17.

Under her agent's guidance she received training as a model and before she had turned 20 years-old Olga was whisked to Paris to begin a career. After learning the local language in just six months, she lead a prosperous life in the French model set and was quickly able to leave some of the less-fond memories of her childhood behind. She rarely discusses her home-life or past but was convinced to spill a few of the secrets for a recent press article. As a model she was made a regular face in fashion and on pages of magazines such as "Vogue" or "Elle" before progressing to the sliver screen...


In 2005, Olga won her first onscreen role. "L' Annulaire" (The Ring Finger), a Diane Bertrand drama, saw the lovely model-turned-actress take the lead role of Iris. For her role in this picture she won a Certificate of Excellence at the Brooklyn Film Festival.

Over the next few years, Olga appeared in a variety of French art-house films - some far from being family friendly.

A variety of top-notch dramas and thrillers ultimately lead her to 2007's "Hitman", co-starring one-time Bond hopeful, Dougray Scott, in a rip-roaring adventure/thriller. "Hitman" provided the perfect Hollywood break for young Olga and her careful film selection has paid off and her relative 'unknown' status has contributed to landing her a lead in the James Bond series.

In November 2008, Bond 22 will see 007 fight an emotional battle after the loss of Vesper, unravel the mystery of Mr. White's shadowy organisation, and romance the sexy and charming Camille - played by Olga Kurylenko.

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