"Die Another Day" had several scenes which failed to make the final cut. Originally rumoured but ultimately missing from the Special Edition DVD, MI6 takes a look at what was left on the cutting room floor...

Part 1 - Cuba, London, Climax
Part 2 - Iceland

"Die Another Day" Cut Scenes - Part 2
1st May 2003

Of all the locations in "Die Another Day", the Iceland location had the most rewrites and scenes that failed to make the final cut of the film.

Elevator Fight
The original script saw Bond and Wai Lin fighting North Korean freelancers in an elevator in Hong Kong, when Michelle Yeoh turned down the film it was rewritten for Jinx to fight adversaries in an elevator. The character of Jinx changed substantially in the build up to the start of shooting (from villainess to Bond girl), and writers Purvis & Wade felt their was already enough action in the movie, and decided to cut the sequence from the shooting script.

Ice Golf
Possibly one of the most important scenes to be cut from the film, this dialogue intense sporting sequence (with a few helping from the classic Goldfinger scene) saw Gustav Graves paying golf with Jinx, and it explained why Jinx was chasing after Zao.

The custom built "golf course" on the frozen lake was another of Graves` luxurious extravagances, although in reality the construction team used astro turf on the back lot Ice Palace set at Pinewood.

Under the guise of a science corespondent, Jinx uses the golf game to feel Graves out, and it also serves to develop her character as an NSA agent. This is sorely missed in the final film, which fails to explain why she is on the heels of graves in the first place, although the scene could have been too close (in timing and content) to Bond fencing with Graves in Blades Club.

You can still see a glimpse of the ice golf course in the final cut of the film when Bond is running towards the Ice Dragster.

Ice Palace Party
Mojito? Bond asks Jinx in the Ice Palace to remind her of their time in Cuba. But the original script had a more original drink for the pair to share - a "canchancara".

Jinx also introduced herself to Miranda Frost differently - Ms Michel from Space & Technology magazine, not Ms Swift.

Another small name change also took place with the main threat of the film, Icarus. It was originally called "Solaris" in the draft shooting script, although the writers changed this to "Icarus" as the legend of the son flying too close to the sun worked well.


Canchanchara Cocktail Recipe
Juice of 1 lime
2 tablespoons honey
1 1/2 ounces white rum
Crushed ice

Mix the lime juice with the honey and white rum until the honey dissolves. Put everything into a cocktail shaker with crushed ice. Shake well with the ice and strain into a champagne glass, on the rocks or straight up.

Hot Tub
When Bond is caught investigating the biodomes, Miranda Frost steps in and deflects the attention of Graves and Mr. Kil by faking a lovers embrace with 007 beside a 4x4.

A more raunchier version of this idea was shot with Bond and Frost taking to the hot tub. Cut for censors (to ensure a 12A rating and maximise the box-office), the sequence saw Bond and Frost skinny dip in the hot tub to give Graves the illusion they were lovers.   Bond: "Oh we fooled him. He left a while ago."
Frost: "And he couldn't see what your hands were doing"
Bond: "It's all about attention to detail"

"Take your clothes off!" Miranda demanded of Bond as she stood with her gun aimed squarely at his head. Most of the dialogue is the same to that of the final car kissing sequence, although Graves does offer 007 one parting shot as he walks off from seeing the couple in the water:

"Excitement seems to follow you around, Mr Bond."

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