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"Die Another Day" DVD Region 2 (Japan)
June 2003


The first news of the Japanese Region 2 "Die Another Day" Special Edition DVD has come to light. The contents will be identical to the Region 4(Australia) version in film content and extras, aside from the language tracks.

Cover art has been changed again to be tailored towards a different territory. The stylish theme from the red Japanese teaser posters is echoed in the final designs (see below).

The double-disc set will retail in Japan for 2,900 Yen (approximately $25) on August 1st 2003.

Disc 1

Anamorphic Widescreeen Transfer

5.1 EX Surround Track

DTS-ES Surround Track

Audio Commentary with director Lee Tamahori and producer Michael G. Wilson

Audio Commentary with Pierce Brosnan and Rosamund Pike

MI6 Datastream – On Screen Trivia track with seamless integration to 19 behind the scenes featurettes

Disc 2

Inside Die Another Day Featurette (77 mins)

Car Chase Documentary: Shaken Not Stirred On Ice (23 mins)

Mission Briefings
- Intro and Surfing
- Hovercraft chase
- Cube
- Quartermaster
- Ice Palace
- Car Battle
- Post Production and Finale

Scene Evolutions (Storyboard to Final Shot Comparison)
- Hovercraft chase
- Car Battle
- Blades
- Antonov Fight

Inter-Action Sequences (Multi Angle Exploration of four action sequences) including:
- Hovercraft Chase
- Car Battle

Title Design: An inside look at all the visual elements in the opening credits

Digital Grading: Before and after comparisons of digitally altered footage

Equipment Briefing:
- Surfboard (with special modifications)
- Standard issue watch
- Switchblade personal jet glider
- Ultra-high frequency single digit sonic agitator unit
- Aston Martin V-12 Vanquish (Codename: Vanish)

Image Database (Over 250 Stills):
- Poster campaign
- Cast Portrait
- Special Shoot
- Sets and Locations
- Stunts and special effects
- Vehicles and gadgets

Ministry of Propaganda
- Teaser 1
- Teaser 2
- Theatrical trailer
- TV spots
- Madonna’s Music Video “Die Another Day”
- The Making of Madonna’s “Die Another Day” Music Video
- 007: Nightfire trailer (PS2 game)
- The Making of 007: NightFire
- James Bond Special Edition DVD Trailer




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DVD Data

Release Date: 1st August 2003

Discs: 2

Region: 4

Feature Runtime: 127 minutes

Format: NTSC

R.R.P: 2900 Yen

Sound: Dolby Digital (5.1) EX ; DTS - ES

Images Courtesy Amazon Associates