700 of the Jinx endorsed Special Edition 007 Ford Thunderbird models from "Die Another Day" are now available to buy. MI6 has the low down on the rare cars...

007 Edition Ford Thunderbirds Are Go
18th March 2003

Not one to be left out, Jinx also drove a special Ford owned car in "Die Another Day".

Although it only had a short screen time during her arrival at the Ice Palace, the car made an impact on Thunderbird fanatics and Ford announced 700 special 007 editions would be manufactured.

It is rumoured that Halle Berry turned down the offer of the coral pink coloured car, and instead chose a 2002 model in Evening Black.

But now Bond fans can own a 007 edition Thunderbird as Ford have unveiled the cars across showrooms in the USA.

There is however one major difference between the film version and the 007 edition. In the film it sported a colour-matched coral pink hood, but the 007 editions available to buy come with a white one.

The interior is fitted with luxurious white leather, while the bonnet hides the powerful 3.9 litre 280 bhp engine.

Along with the standard Ford Thunderbird 2003 specification, the 007 edition features some unique branding to set it apart from the rest.

The famous 007 gun logo is present on the metal trim on the dashboard, and tucked away in the glove compartment is an identity tag stamped with the edition number.

The majority of the 700 cars will be sold in the USA, but MI6 can reveal that 60 are heading over the border to Canada, and a small number will make it across the Atlantic to flagship European dealers.

Manufacturers list price for the 007 Edition Ford Thunderbird is $43,995