Nobody ever said working on a Bond movie was easy. Halle Berry and Pierce Brosnan found out just how treacherous life on the set can be during the filming of "Die Another Day"...

Danger Money - The Accidents On Set
7th October 2002

Choking Fruit

The most dangerous of all the accidents happened during the filming of Bond and Jinx`s love scene in Cuba. The scene called for the two to seductively eat pieces of fruit, much like Elektra with ice in The World Is Not Enough.

Brosnan told Esquire magazine: "She had this piece of fruit in her hand and she gives me some, then puts it in her own mouth. I made a joke and she started laughing and then she gagged. Suddenly there was no sound coming out".

"I banged her on the back, then began putting my arms around her to do the Heimlich. Somehow she expelled the fruit which was a good thing, because I've never given anyone the Heimlich before."

Flying Debris

In the most publicised accident, Halle Berry suffered a scratched cornea that required eye drops from a local hospital. The incident happened whilst filming Zao's helicopter escape at the Cuban clinic. The US media ran exaggerated stories of dust, grit, grenades and even a flying rock.

An official press release from EON cleared up the situation: "Ms Berry experienced some discomfort when a gust of wind blew some dust into her eye during filming of an action sequence on Saturday. Contrary to media speculation it was not as a result of debris from a smoke grenade. As a precautionary measure the production sought medical attention for what was a slight inflammation. We are happy to report that Ms Berry suffered no lasting ill effects and returned to work immediately.

Cold Start

Brosnan suffered himself during the filming of the opening teaser sequence. The cold and slippy surfaces in Aldershot, UK caused havoc for the world`s most famous secret agent.

"I didn't warm up. It was as simple as that. You really need to stretch, and I just kind of ran through those paces. I suddenly realised that I had to do a 200-yard-dash with 500 extras, six cameras, explosions, one thing and another, and the knee just went. It was a cold February morning."

Shortly afterwards Brosnan flew to the US for a small operation on the damaged knee before filming continued a few days later.