Confusion surrounds the Bond 21 date with gossip from Miss Moneypenny (Samantha Bond), and rumours of a start date and complete script for a Jinx movie with Halle Berry...

Latest On Bond 21 Start Date & Jinx Movie Status
7th May 2003

Bond 21
Another month passes, and more yet more uncertainty is thrust upon the Bond 21 date start after reports of what Samantha Bond said on the subject at a recent appearance.

Forum member `007` attended the Collectamania 2003 show in the UK this weekend and had the chance to speak to Miss Moneypenny herself, Samantha Bond:

"I was asking her about when they are starting Bond 21 and she mentioned the rumours that Pinewood had been booked for the times listed on MI6. She also talked about rumours that the production team were wondering whether to hold off - so they could have Pierce Brosnan’s last film in 2007, or whether to introduce Brosnan’s successor in this interestingly numbered year. There was also the idea that they may want to introduce a new Bond for the 50th anniversary in 2012."

Last month Eon Productions denied a December 2003 start rumour which emanated from websites mis-reporting the Pinewood Studios booking of office space. Pinewood Studios confirmed the booking of the offices from August 2003 onwards, although this is done as a matter of routine for preplanning.

Pierce Brosnan's timetable looks busier than ever, with three films already in the pipeline, making a Bond 21 release date of winter 2005 as early as fans can hope for.

Jinx Movie
In the weeks proceeding the release of "Die Another Day", the possibility of a Jinx movie franchise with Halle Berry was "leaked" and the media ran with it ("I would do it in a heartbeat" - Berry).

Since the media hype surrounding Bond has died down, news on the Jinx project has been thin on the ground - until now.

E! Entertainment News reported yesterday that the script for the Jinx movie is complete and Halle Berry will be working on the movie once Catwoman is complete.

Forthcoming Projects

Pierce Brosnan


Laws Of Attraction (June filming)
After The Sunset (October filming)

The Set-Up (filming)
Gothika (filming)


The Matador (February filming)

The Guide (announced)
Catwoman (pre-production)

Halle Berry

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