January 2005 shooting for a November 2005 release? The first trade press claims appear...

Bond 21 Schedule
10th October 2003

The first substantial Bond 21 rumours and leaks have started to appear in the movie trade press this week.

Variety, whose track record during the Brosnan-era of Bond films has proven accurate so far, claim Bond 21 will start principal photography in January 2005.

No director has been named, but a holiday 2005 release date has already been carved out, and a treatment and outline have been worked up by Die Another Day writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade.

UK media has already started to misquote the "holiday" season to mean a summer 2005 release. The Variety claim points to a November/December 2005 release ("holiday season" in the USA), giving Bond 21 a nine month schedule, the same as "Die Another Day".

This announcement fits with Brosnan's current schedule which includes filming Brett Ratner's "After The Sunset" with Salma Hayek, followed by the action thriller "Mexicali" starting in 2004.


The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) have gone further to "confirm" more details on Bond 21. As well as Neal Purvis and Robert Wade remaining on as the screenwriters, Peter Lamont will return as production designer, David Arnold will be writing the score, and Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli will remain on as producers. Behind the scenes, casting director Debbie McWilliams, executive producer Anthony Waye, and costume designer Lindy Hemming are all expected to return.

Despite numerous rumours, including the Aishwarya Rai claims earlier in the year, no cast has been set for the film yet, although Pierce Brosnan (007), Judi Dench (M), Colin Salmon (Charles Robinson) and Samantha Bond (Miss Moneypenny) are all expected to reprise their roles. John Cleese will play "Q" as he still has a film left on his three-film contract.

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