With Pierce Brosnan publicly ending his 10 year reign as 007, the casting call has gone out to find the sixth James Bond. Cindy Macdonald reports exclusively for MI6 on the current status of the film...

James Bond 21 - November Report
8th November 2004

Every month I will be updating MI6 readers on the latest status of the 21st James Bond film with inside stories from the production and sifting the real news from the many rumours, including a recap on the top stories of the month. You can contact me through the MI6 Ask The Experts page or post your comments in the "Keeping The British End Up" discussion forums.

Casting Call

With Pierce Brosnan stating - categorically (1) (2) (3) - on the record that he will never return to the role of James Bond again, even if the reasons are still unclear, the quest to cast the sixth 007 is now on. Despite the media's insistence that the next Bond will come from the ranks of Hollywood's A-list, Bond producers have historically favoured lesser known actors when screentesting.

Three new names have entered the running this week, and for a change, they're all British.

Geraint Owen
Swansea, Wales
38 years old
"Pobol y Cwm" (TV)


Luke Mably
London, England
28 years old
"The Prince And Me" (2004)


Matthew Goode
Exeter, England
28 years old
"Chasing Liberty" (2004)

The Daily Mail (UK) this week named Matthew Goode and Luke Mably as being in the running for the coveted role. Their well placed "executive with knowledge of the production" told the paper, "The idea is that the new Bond films shouldn't be so silly and tongue-in-cheek. They'll still be spectacular, with enormous budgets, but there won't' be that thing about: `Oh, look, let's get to the next waterfall`. Also, you can't joke any more about mad people trying to take over the world, they already have".


Pierce Brosnan confirmed he will not be returning as 007 (1) (2) (3)

MGM announced the original release date of November 18th 2005 has been canned. Expect Bond 21 to hit screens "sometime in 2006" (more)

John Cleese said he looks forward to returning, but was unsure if Q had a role in the first draft script (more)

Judi Dench expects to return as M for filming, "maybe in late 2005" (more)

Matthew Vaughn said he was in talks to direct Bond 21 (more)


Another lesser-known name broke this week when Geraint Owen spoke to icWales about his experience so far with the producers and the process of screentesting for the James Bond role, "I got a call from my agent who said I'd better get to Tunbridge Wells and he told me it was the first audition for the part of James Bond. It was one hell of a drive and I didn't really have to do any lines when I got there. All they asked me to say was my name, my address and who my agent was. But I did it a bit differently because when it came for me to say my agent's name I said it was James Bond, the best-known agent there is."

At the second audition, producers and executives came in to `have a look` before he read from an old Bond script. He obviously impressed them as he is on the shortlist for the screen test.

"I'm just waiting to hear where it will be, but wherever it is, I'm going to do Bond in my own Welsh accent. It would be nice to hear him with one. To be now up to the fifth audition for Bond is a bit bizarre. It will certainly turn my life upside down if I get the part".

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