MI6 looks ahead to "Another Way To Die", the title song for "Quantum of Solace", with details on the music video and sleeve artwork...

"Another Way To Die" Preview
8th September 2008

Jack White and Alicia Keys were officially announced as performing "Another Way To Die", the theme song for the 22nd James Bond film "Quantum of Solace", on 29th July 2008. With just weeks to go before the new movie hits cinema screens around the world, details of the latest title track are coming to light.

Alicia Keys spoke of her collaboration with Jack White at the Toronto International Film Festival where she was promoting her new film "The Secret Life of Bees", while White was there with "It Might Get Loud," a documentary on the electric guitar. The duo filmed the music video to the track in Toronto over the weekend. Keys wouldn't detail what was in the video, but she admitted "it would be a little sexy." As for the musical leanings, she described it as "rock 'n' soul."

"It feels very Bond, really brash and hard and super cool. It has a lot of valleys and peaks in it. That's what I love about it," Keys said in an interview at the festival. "It was great to work with Jack White. I've always been a big fan of the White Stripes and so for us to kind of combine this kind of rock and soul feeling, it was a lot of fun."

Above: 7" single vinyl cover artwork

"And I saw the film," said Keys teasingly. "It's amazing. I don't know how they can get that may stunts in one movie."

A limited edition 7" vinyl single will be released in the UK on September 29th 2008 for £3.49. "Another Way To Die" will feature on Side-A, with an instrumental version on Side-B. Alicia Keys' label J Records will be releasing the single. The cover art will feature the iconic gun barrel in metallic gold.

"Jack took the lead on the song,
but I added my style with his" - Alicia Keys

The White Stripes and The Raconteurs frontman White, who wrote, produced and sang on the track, said: "After a couple of years of wanting to collaborate with Alicia Keys, it took James Bond himself to finally make it happen. Very inspiring to watch. It gave me a new voice, and I wasn't myself anymore. I drummed for her voice and she mimicked the guitar tones, then we joined our voices and screamed and moaned about these characters in the film and their isolation, having no one to trust, not even themselves. Maybe we became them for a few minutes."

As well as being the first duet in Bond theme history, it will also be the first analogue track in twenty years: "Alicia put some electric energy into her breath that cemented itself into the magnetic tape. We wanted to push soul into those tapes, and join the family of Barry, Bassey, Connery and Craig". Joined in the studio by The Memphis Horns, White said additional musicians from Nashville also helped with the historic track.

Date Stream
Title: Another Way To Die
Composers/Writers: Jack White
Producers: Vlado Meller, Mark Petaccia, Vance Powell, Josh Smith, Jack White, Nathan Yarboro
Musicians: Alicia Keys, Jack White, Jack Hale, Wayne Jackson, Jack Lawrence, Laura Matula, Tom McGinley, Lyndsay Pruett, Michael Rinne, Lindsay, Smith-Trostle
Mixers: Vance Powell, Jack White