MI6 rounds-up quotes from the principal cast from "Quantum of Solace", including Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko, Gemma Arterton, and Mathieu Amalric...

Production Diary (6)
25th January 2008

Daniel Craig

What does the title mean?
I've got to give you the Ian Fleming line the title. It's basically his idea that once the quantum of solace leaves a relationship it's all over. If you don't have that quantum of solace then there's not much worth fighting for. It's a lot to do with where he's at from the end of the last movie. He's had his heart broken and he's going out to find the guy who is responsible. He hasn't had that closure in his life.

He's looking for revenge, but also to make himself happy with the world again. What's great about the title is that it also refers to something that is very important to the plot. It has grown on me.It doesn't trip off the tongue. But why should it?

We could have gone for a snappier title, but that's not part of the deal. It ties into the plot. It's not some random title. It is meant to confuse a little. It's meant to make you sort of wonder.We want people to start thinking as they come and see the film. But that doesn't mean that it is going to be character-driven kitchen sink drama. We're making a Bond movie.

Above: Daniel Craig interviewed on the set of "Quantum of Solace" at Pinewood Studios.

How important is it to you to make this second film a success?
This is even more important to me now than it was before. Last time I thought that if I failed I could walk away and say 'OK, I screwed that up' and I'll go try something else. This time we have to prove the last one wasn't just pure luck.

In November with another Harry Potter movie, it will be the clash of the British icons at the box-office. How do you see yourself in this face-off?
Very favourably. I'd be silly not to, really.

Is the pressure on your shoulders to make this a success?
It's not the way I think. Even if I did allow myself to think like that it would only be just for a moment. That way madness lies. Suggesting that what I do will make this work... it's a team effort.

Above Top: Daniel Craig on the set given television interviews
Above: M meets Bond in a snowy night-time scene

How does this film link to Casino Royale?
It starts, in film-time, about 20 minutes after the last one finished. It takes us to an emotional conclusion, and also well on the way to finding out who the bad guys are and their organisation which is having a serious go at taking over the world.

How is it working with Marc Forster?
I was incredibly excited when Marc Forster got involved. If you watch his movies, his versatility is quite outstanding. Look at "Monster's Ball" to "Neverland" to "The Kite Runner" - they are all so different yet equally wonderful movies. And that he's bringing to this movie in spades. He's very particular... Every shot counts. Every part of the process is very important to him. It's very easy to work with people like that.

Will you be in your swimming trunks again?
There'll be some flesh for sure. It's in my contract, although I didn't notice that when I signed it!

Have you worked out as much for this as the last film?
I'm in the shape of my life. I've trained really hard. I didn't expect the last film to be so tiring and physically demanding. I'm fitter now than then.

Gemma Arterton

Can you tell us a little about your character?
I'm playing Fields, Agent Fields, and she works for MI6 at the British Consulate in Bolivia and she has to look after Bond, or tries to.

She is not sultry or a femme fatale, she's fresh and young. She doesn't do anything too advanced, it's not like she's killing people.

Do you have a love scene with Bond?
Yes I do kiss Daniel Craig. The kiss has happened and yes - it was quite incredible. It was all a bit of a daze. I felt such a giggly girl because he's such a man. I can't really divulge too much, but it was good.

Above: Gemma Arterton reveals some details on her character Agent Fields..

What is it like being part of a Bond film?
I still feel like I shouldn't really be here. It's insane to be working with Judi Dench and Daniel Craig - I feel so young and inexperienced and green.

"You're going to get a phone call in a minute. Would you mind telling them I'm heading for Cairo?" - Bond to Hotel Receptionist

Mathieu Amalric

How will your villain be unique?
There'll be no metal jaw, no white hair, no scar, no eye with blood. Just my face. The director saw something in me that had to do with the devil. That was a compliment. I've been taking details, the smile of Tony Blair, the craziness of Sarkozy [French President], he's the worst villain we've ever had. He's really dangerous. In fact he walks around thinking he's in a Bond film.

So your villainy will come from within?
He was supposed to have a secret skill. But we had this idea that maybe if the villain doesn't know how to fight, James Bond would be more surprised. Sometimes anger can be much more dangerous. I'm going to fight like in school. I was going to say 'like a woman'. You are allowed to do things that you are not allowed to do in real life, especially with a woman.

How have the villains changed?
What is horrible about today, is that we can't guess who the villains are. The villains are invisible. There is the fantasy that is James Bond, but there is always something that could be real, and it has to do with love. It has to do with broken hearts.

What made you take the role?
It's impossible to say to your kids that 'I could have been in a Bond film but I refused'.

Olga Kurylenko

How will your character be different from previous Bond girls?
James Bond is after revenge, and Camille is after revenge. They have slightly different goals, but in the end, they are going to have to collaborate. She will be very different. She's a fighter. I'm doing weapons training and body flight training for aerial scenes and stunt work for fighting. This girl is going to kick ass. She's on her own mission. In the movie, he is obviously still attached to his past. The appearance of this new girl might divert him. Or, it might not.