MI6 rounds up filming news from Panama, plus an exclusive first look at henchman 'Elvis' played by Anatole Taubman in "Quantum of Solace"...

Production Diary (15)
14th March 2008

Messing About In Boats
Daniel Craig was snapped yesterday off the shores of Panama filming scenes for "Quantum of Solace". Sporting the same costume as used in scenes filmed in the city of Columbus a few days ago, Craig was spotted leaping from a production crew boat to a small wooden fishing vessel. Location filming of "Quantum of Solace" is nearing the end of its stint in Panama. The country is doubling for Bolivia. Daniel Craig and the rest of the cast and crew will arrive in Chile on March 23rd to film more scenes.

Meet The Villains
The Insider (video) visited the set of "Quantum of Solace" in Panama City in late February. A derelict building had been converted in to a party venue with hundreds of lights and glamorous extras. Filming took place over four very long night-shoots, with action taking place up until 4am. Over 700 local extras were cast and dressed as glamorous party guests. The night-time party scene, where villain Dominic Greene is hosting a fund raising event, takes place about half-way through the movie.

Mathieu Amalric (pictured opposite), who plays Dominic Greene, spoke to The Insider about how his villain will break the mould from previous Bond baddies. "What could be a villain today? Maybe it's somebody who you don't guess is a villain immediately. They are just like wallpaper. You don't know where the threat can come from."

Sporting a "Q" pin which alludes to the "Quantum" plot device (a double meaning for the title as tipped by Daniel Craig earlier), Amalric explained how the feel of the Bond films has moved on. "In Casino Royale for instance, they started something which seems quite realistic about the times in which we are living. This film, "Quantum of Solace", is continuing in this vein."

Anatole Taubman (pictured opposite), who plays henchman 'Elvis', explained why the villains in "Quantum of Solace" are layered and unpredictable. "It has a lot to do with the script really. Paul Haggis and [Neal Purvis & Robert Wade] had much more space and creativity and didn't have to stick so much to a format.


When asked if fans will be shocked by this film, Taubman said, "Shocked, yes, in a positive way. They will be very, very surprised. Seriously.

Above: Exclusive first look at henchman Elvis (played by Anatole Taubman) in costume