Daniel Craig arrives in Austria for shooting on "Quantum of Solace" as the stunt team prepares in Bregenz and the Aston Martin DBS is filmed driving through Feldkirch...

Production Diary (28)
30th April 2008

Willkommen, Mister Bond
Daniel Craig landed in Austria at noon on Tuesday 29th April and was immediately faced with gaggles of local reporters and photographers. James Bond fever has taken hold of the region, starting at the Friedrichshafen airport and moving on Bregenz where the crew of "Quantum of Solace" have been preparing the location shoot.

Residents in the western Austrian town of Bregenz were keeping their eyes peeled Craig, who is shooting several scenes in the town. According to a local press report, the production will be in Bregenz until May 9th. The shoot was first officially confirmed in January. Filming Tuesday started with a chase scene in the city's festival hall, a spokesman for the Bregenz opera festival said. The city's annual opera festival, with its signature floating stage on Lake Constance, will play a prominent role in the movie. MI6 first reported on the planned scene back in July last year.

Above: Daniel Craig arrives in Austria at Friedrichshafen airport

Bonding In Bregenz
In the evening several streets in the medieval town, with a population of 30,000, will be closed off for filming, before shooting on the floating stage Wednesday. For James Bond to chase his adversaries across the huge stage, which is dominated by elaborate props and a huge eye, festival organizers set up a complete performance of Puccini's Tosca, complete with audience. The action sequence will also run through the kitchens of the festival hall.

A stunt team was witnessed on Tuesday morning preparing for one scene which sees a goon shot, followed by a high fall off the top of a building at the opera stage. The stuntmen were wired for the fall on to a 1.5m high inflated landing pad. Representative Stefan Rippl said, "the preparations are to ensure that nobody hurt themselves".

007-Fever In Feldkirch
Meanwhile, the nearby city of Feldkirch is in the full swing of Bond Fever. Filming is taking place late at night, with shoot between midnight and 6am. Cardboard cutouts of the main Bond characters have been erected around the city centre to celebrate the arrival of the production. Local cafes have been 'fenced' off whilst cables and equipment line the streets. Barriers have been erected to keep back the crowds of fans hoping to get a glimpse of the action. In the film, Bond will be seen driving a Volvo through the town.