MI6 rounds-up Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko's reflections on 007 after production on "Quantum of Solace" had wrapped...

Production Diary (38)
4th September 2008

During the last few days of principal photography on "Quantum of Solace" back at the home of James Bond, Pinewood Studios, Daniel Craig and his co-star Olga Kurylenko chatted candidly about their time on the latest 007 adventure...


Daniel Craig
The two-time 007 star admitted that he never celebrated after the success of "Casino Royale", instead he simply focused on making Bond 22 even better. "There was never a point where I punched the air," Craig elaborated. "The movie worked, but I did everything I could to make my part in the movie work, so there is no kind of, 'See, I told you so.' I kept on saying, 'We make the best movie we can,' and thankfully that worked."

At Pinewood, the atmosphere was reportedly much less tense than some of the more trying times whilst on location in South America. Craig explained the pressure was on the whole team to see "Quantum" trump the previous outing.

"We were a huge success commercially last time, which puts a lot of pressure on this movie," Craig said. "We have to apply the method we used last time, which is to make the best movie we can, and that's where we're at ... hopefully. It's difficult. But I know from what we've got, this movie is going to be something else."

The 40-year old actor explained that it was not a matter of reworking the "Royale" formula but to progress from there. "I want the audience to be involved with the characters," Craig said. "The action and the explosions, everything that goes along with the Bond movies, they can be taken care of, but I want the audience to be pulled in and involved." Craig reportedly jumped at the opportunity to have Marc Forster on the team, believing his guidance would help strengthen the characters.

"I just try to apply the same rules as last time,
and hopefully that will work out."

Being 007 in a modern age, Craig explained, is not much like the character Fleming wrote: "I'm going from stunt sequence to stunt sequence, and it's great fun to do. But it's not very Bond-like. Bond used to do 10 push-ups, then smoke 60 cigarettes and drink a bottle of something and then pop a pill. That kept him going." Craig said that on the whole his time as 007 so far has been good to him: "My life hasn't changed, not in my mind. The physical aspects have changed, sure. I have to do things differently, I have to fight for my privacy, and there's a huge amount of bonuses."

Olga Kurylenko
The Ukrainian-born actress has been thrust in the spotlight - thanks to 007 - and her life has changed in leaps and bounds since adopting the role of the vengeful Camille.

"Overnight I became of interest to people, especially the press. I imagined that would happen because it's a big movie, but you don't really realise to what point," Kurylenko said. "At the same time what disappointed me was there were quite a few lies in the press. I don't know why people do that. I guess because they can't get anything on me because nobody knows me, so I guess they just made up stuff."

Despite constantly being hounded for the next quote, Kurylenko says that there still is some glamour to being a Bond girl. "A Bond girl must be a strong and independent woman, but at the same time charming and sensual. Those opposite qualities combined together make her interesting. She must be strong but at the same time feminine." Not only must Camille charm her way into 007's arms, by all accounts, her character is one of the most physically lethal yet: "I do fighting, stunts for fight scenes, I do body-flight, which is very physical - everything hurts after that."


The newcomer reflects that playing a role in this Bond film was almost too good to be true. "Doing Bond is an amazing experience - I've seen other Bond movies and I liked them. I loved the last one, and Daniel Craig is my favourite Bond. I was looking forward to participating - it's got a great plot, great action, and they choose people really carefully. Now that I've got here I see that there's a lot of preparation goes into it and it's like a family. It's an amazing experience."