Daniel Craig has been spotted filming a rooftop pool scene at the Four Seasons hotel in London for "Skyfall"

Swimming Scenes

2nd December 2011

Daniel Craig stripped off his tuxedo for filming yesterday at the Four Seasons hotel in Canary Wharf, London, for a "Skyfall" scene where 007 is swimming in a luxurious pool at night with echoes of Pierce Brosnan's spa scene in "GoldenEye". It is understood this location will be doubling for scenes in Shanghai.

The spa was closed to hotel residents and the windows facing nearby apartments blacked out. Residents of the adjacent luxury apartments Canary Riverside were warned that only the film crew were entitled to photograph during this time, but shots have emerged anyway. It is understood that the location in the film will also feature a glitzy martini bar.

Above: A view of the Four Seasons hotel from the river (central illuminated building). The pool is atop the grey structure to the left, with the Canary Riverside apartments behind to the left.

Above: A view of the pool from the hotel.

Above: Craig captured in action shooting a pool scene for "Skyfall".