Daniel Craig has talked about the classic James Bond films and how important it is to continue their traditions...

Craig on Classic Bond

27th January 2012

Daniel Craig was quite vocal in the run up to "Skyfall" shooting that he wanted to go back to the classic elements of 007, or "Bond with a capital B" as he put it in the launch press conference in November. In a number of interviews he cited "From Russia With Love" and "Live And Let Die" as two classic Bond outings that he wanted to influence the new film and celebrate the 50th anniversary with the best film they can possibly make. In a new interview clip with Hollywood Outbreak, Craig talks more about the early days of Bond.

"I think when Saltzman and Broccoli kick-started these movies, cast Sean Connery, spent the money they did, took the books - which are great had great stories... There was a huge amount of impetuous. Sean Connery has a lot to do with that."

"Genuinely, I believe that they are embedded in people's memories. They always made them event movies."

"They always made them about a family experience. They made them about going to your first movie as a child... 'I remember my first Bond movie'."


"They continue to put the money on the screen. Whatever has happened, however good or bad [the movies] may be in the past, they've always put the money up there and have always had the ability to entertain. Barbara [Broccoli] and Michael [G. Wilson] are total lovers of this franchise and protect it fiercely and continue to do exactly the same thing as their father did."

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