Take a look at the stunts being performed by the 'Skyfall' action unit on the roofs of Istanbul..

Istanbul Motorcycle Stunts

2nd May 2012

A few days before the first unit arrived to shoot on location in Istanbul, the "Skyfall" second unit and stunt teams were on the roofs in the city filming motorcycle stunts. In the photographs below, a stuntman doubling Ola Rapace's character Patrice with a hairpiece and black dots on his face which will be used later to aid post production.

The Turkish media mistakenly thought damage was being done to the historic rooftops. Michael G. Wilson addressed the issue in a press conference last week and stated that the motorcycles were actually moving on platforms that had been placed on the roofs, at a cost of 135,000 Turkish liras. Original roof tiles were carefully removed and boards of synthetic tiles were put in place for the filming, before the originals were later replaced. The media were shown this work up close yesterday in an attempt to put an end to the story.

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