New York City may feature as a location in the 23rd James Bond film according to reports citing Daniel Craig and producer Barbara Broccoli...

Bond 23 Heading To New York?
10th September 2008

As is the norm for the James Bond franchise, thoughts are already turning to the 'next' film even though the upcoming "Quantum of Solace" is still weeks away from its theatrical release.

The untitled 23rd movie in the franchise, dubbed 'Bond 23', is in the early stages pre-production.

New York City
Variety columnist Liz Smith reports that this week she bumped in to Daniel Craig and producer Barbara Broccoli in the trendy eatery Primola in New York City's upper east side.

According to her column, "Daniel and Barbara talked about the next 007 epic, part of which will be filmed - for the very first time - in New York. Primola itself will have a little cameo."

Above: Primola in New York City

Smith may want to bone up on her Bondology, as Roger Moore's 1973 outing "Live And Let Die" shot on location in the city. The last time 007 actually set foot in the USA was in the Florida Keys in "Licence To Kill" (1989). Miami featured in "Casino Royale" (2006), but apart from some second unit establishing shots, the action was actually filmed in the Czech Republic and the UK.

In the literary world, Ian Fleming had James Bond visit New York in Live And Let Die, Diamonds Are Forever, Goldfinger, and the short story 007 In New York.

New Director
"Quantum of Solace" director Marc Forster has confirmed he will not be back for the follow-up adventure. "If I would ever do a big movie again in that size," he said, "it has to be my own franchise, which I would create from scratch, which I would cast, create the look and really create the franchise on my own."

Craig Continues
How about 007 himself? "I want them to stand alone and be good films," Daniel Craig said. "As long as that continues, then we'll keep making them. And if it doesn't, then we'll stop." Bond 23 will be Craig's third outing as 007, and according to his reported contract, the last he will be obliged to make. After that, he's allegedly optioned for a fourth, as was Pierce Brosnan for "Die Another Day".

Studios Stake Claims To 2010
With demands for ever-more-elaborate special effects, and the expectation of bigger and better megapic events, studios are being forced to plot out their release strategies even farther into the future. Studio chiefs have already staked out key releases for 2010 - and 007 is already a headliner. Many studios, with dates lined up for 2009 and the year after that, have set marketing and merchandising plans in motion and have started talks with visual effects houses. In many cases, the only thing they lack are a director, stars, script or even a story outline. Whilst there was no mention of exactly what the 2010 date is for Bond 23, the report implied that Sony have put their metaphorical beach towel on a preferred sun lounger to keep rival tentpole movies at bay.

In contrast, producer Michael G. Wilson told reporters in July that he expects the Bond production machine to take a breather after work on "Quantum of Solace" is completed. Wilson said he expects to pause for at least a year, meaning the 23rd James Bond film may be released later than the expected two year cycle. "I need a break for a little while," he said. This puts the Sony plan of 2010 in some doubt, but opens the possibility of a summer 2011 release. The last time a 007 adventure opened in the summer was 1989's "Licence To Kill".