We have to go back to what we know about the books and the movies, and improve upon it - Daniel Craig on Bond 23...

Improve Upon Bond Past

29th September 2011

Daniel Craig spoke to Hollywood Outbreak to promote his upcoming film "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" last week, but also ventured on to the topics of the 23rd James Bond film and his stage experience and plans for future plays.

On the subject of Bond 23, Craig talked about how he is approaching his third outing as 007: "Sam [Mendes] is a huge, huge Bond fan and has been all his life. He and I both said at the beginning to each other that the only thing we want to do is make the best James Bond movie we can. So therefore, we have to go back to what we know about the books, what we know about the movies and what we know about all of that... And improve upon it."

"That's where we started off, and that's where we started with the script, and that's where we started from for the look and feel of it, the characters... It's how we're going to continue on the movie - doing the best that we can."

Craig also talked about his desire to work in theatre between major film productions following his experience performing "A Steady Rain" with Hugh Jackman last year. "I'm looking for stuff to do. Not necessarily on Broadway, maybe in a smaller theatre downtown somewhere. I'm reading plays at the moment. It's a question of time because we start shooting [Bond 23] in November and go on to June next year, and I don't know whether we'll start shooting another [Millennium trilogy] movie next year after that. Maybe we won't, and then there's some space, so I could do something."


"[Theatre] gives you great humility. You have to stand there and figure it out, and they'll soon tell you if you're not. I love that connection and I love that collaborative work process."