You may have read it in the tabloids... You may have read it on another website... But MI6 was the first to determine the link between recent women rumoured to be having screen-tests with EON producers...

Boxing Bond 20
15th July 2001

Regulars may remember that on January 18th 2001, MI6 released the news that Spy Sports' Kirsty Gallacher was in line for a role in Bond 20 as a kick-boxer. The 23 year-old presenter hinted at the news in a interview with Maxim magazine where she also stated that she has been given a contractual break for the possible filming schedule.

July 15th 2001, and it is the turn of Daisy Lang, a Bulgarian professional Junior Bantamweight boxer . Daisy, 29, now trains in Germany any has already landed movie roles with the likes of Jean-Claude Van Damme. She is rumoured to have performed a screen-test with EON producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson.

Before the ink had dried on the Daisy Lang story, along came the news of another possible screen-test. 25 year-old, and almost unknown, Ingrid Devatova threw her hat into the Bond 20 ring. The Slovakian model who is based in London has been professionally modelling for 2 years (including some UK TV work) and the rumoured screen-test was that of a kickboxing role.

In conclusion, it would appear that the screenplay for Bond 20 is likely to include the role of a kickboxing woman based upon what is known of the screen-tests. A lot more women have also been rumoured to have had screen-tests in recent months, but these were seen as the more traditional "Bond Girl" role.