Pierce Brosnan fielded questions from UK Bond fans visiting the Eden project in Cornwall this week. The location will feature as the biodomes to Gustav Graves' Ice Palace in Die Another Day. Although Pierce was attending an Omega product launch in London, thanks to Q-Branch he was linked up to answer their questions. MI6 has the exclusive transcript...

Pierce Brosnan Interview (June 2002)
24th June 2002

How do you keep so very fit?

"I have a very strict regime with my body. (Sniggers) Ha ha, sorry! You just have to do it. Get on the StairMaster or get out and pound the pavement. A lot of pounding goes on one way or the other!"

Right: Pierce Brosnan was at the London launch of the new limited edition 007 Omega watch.



Would you rather be poor and happy, or rich and permanently itchy?

"That is a very spiritual one to answer. One wants happiness. I'd want my happiness. I'd rather be out there trying to scrape a crust and be happy than be rich and bored and kind of ingrown."

Do you act like James Bond when you get home?

"The answer is no, I don't, because I've got kids and they see right through me. That's it, the gig's up as soon as I walk through the door."

Left: Pierce models the latest in hovercraft fashion. The machine (without the Omega logo) will be the star of the opening pretitles sequence.

Madonna has a cameo in the new movie. Did you get to have your wicked way with her?

"Ah, what a good question that is. Wicked ways with Madonna? Not yet mate. Sorry."

Have you ever been tempted to half-inch one of those gadgets from the set?

"You bet! (Jokingly rolls up his sleeve to show the new Omega SeaMaster watch). Not bad is it? I've got bags of stuff from the set! They don't know it, but I've got BAGS of stuff. Just in case you know, a couple of years from now, times are hard, down to Sotheby's or Christies. Flog the odd watch. Suit. Car. Shoes!