A special collectors James Bond edition of the famous board game Monopoly has been announced for release this year...

Monopoly - James Bond Edition Preview
10th April 2006

For years fans have yearned for a 007 edition of the world famous trading game, some even creating their own unofficial versions, but now USAOPOLY are making the first official James Bond edition of Monopoly. Licenced under Hasbro, USAOPOLY have created Monopoly spin-offs for many film and TV franchises, and 007 will be the latest addition to the range in June 2006.

Movie Trading
For the 007 edition, players will trade the 21 official films of the James Bond series, and not famous locations or villains lairs as has been the case with fan creations over the years. The game will only include the films by Eon Productions, so "Never Say Never Again" (1983) and the comedy spoof "Casino Royale" (1967) will not be included. As all regular Monopoly players will know, the game consists of 22 property squares, and with only 21 film including the latest adventure "Casino Royale", one square will not be based on a film. "Dr No" (1962) will be the first and cheapest square immediately following "Go!", with the other 20 films following in sequence.

Players will use one of six collectible 007-themed pewter tokens: Oddjob's bowler hat, Rosa Klebb's show, Aston Martin DB5 car, the Q boat, Little Nelly helicopter, and Bond's jetpack. No details are currently available on how the "Chance" cards and other squares on the board will be themed.

Official Blurb
The Monopoly brand salutes the world-renowned British super spy. Buy, sell, and trade all 21 official James Bond film title... Can you recall them all?! Ages 8+; 2-6 players.

The James Bond edition of Monopoly (code MN049-139) will retail at $35.95 and will be available in late June/early July 2006.

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