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Golden Gun Prop Replica

4th September 2010

As featured in the 1974 film The Man With the Golden Gun. The signature weapon of the ‘$1 million dollar per shot’ assassin, Francisco Scaramanga, played by Sir Christopher Lee. Scaramanga’s Golden Gun was made up of seemingly innocuous separate elements that when combined created a deadly single shot handgun, a weapon that was not quite deadly enough to best 007. The Golden Gun went on to feature in numerous James Bond video game releases and is certainly one of the most iconic weapons of the James Bond series, and perhaps one of the most widely recognized cinematic weapons of all time.

This stunning 1:1 scale prop replica of the Golden Gun, officially licensed by Danjaq LLC and EON Productions, has been created after meticulous study and research of the original props in the EON archives as well as interviews with original cast and crew.

With an all metal machined construction and plated in 18 ct gold, the replica can be assembled and disassembled into its component parts, exactly as per the original prop:

  • Fountain Pen – Forming the ‘barrel’ of the replica, the pen screws directly into the body of the lighter. Includes removable thread cap.
  • Lighter – With a hidden ‘slide out’ section the lighter forms the main body of the replica. The lighter ‘lid’ opens to reveal a breech chamber.
  • Cigarette Case – Open the end to create the handle and trigger housing of the replica
  • Cufflink – With sprung blades, the cufflink screws into the trigger housing to create the trigger which can be pulled.
  • Bullet – A replica bullet inscribed with the 007 legend that can be fitted into the ‘breech’ of the cigarette lighter or displayed separately.

To allow you to display this item to maximum effect, each replica includes a high quality display base, acrylic stand and acrylic cover. Also included are a detailed prop story booklet, certificate of authenticity and set of ‘blueprint’ style instructions. As part of an edition of just 1000 pieces worldwide each Limited Edition Golden Gun prop replica includes a numbered plaque that details its edition number, provenance and authenticity. Each Golden Gun replica is supplied boxed in 007 presentation packaging suitable for archival or display, which is protected and contained within a sealed outer brown shipping carton

Assembled Replica Length 9.5” (24.13 cms)
Display Case Width 16” (40.6 cms)
Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide

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007 TM and related James Bond Trademarks © 1962-2009 Danjaq, LLC and United Artists Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 007 TM and related James Bond Trademarks are trademarks of Danjaq, LLC licensed by EON Productions Limited.

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