MI6 reviews the new Casino Royale 1:18th scale James Bond car from RC2 - the Aston Martin DBS...

RC2 1:18th Aston Martin DBS Review (Casino Royale)
8th November 2006

The Aston Martin DBS is the second of two cars from RC2 to celebrate the release of Casino Royale. The new DBS is a 1:18th scale model and James Bond's ride of choice in Casino Royale. Like previous models in the Bond range, this new DBS feature no gadgets reflecting the late changes to the film's script.

The metallic gray finish is flawless across the whole car. The entire outer shell is the single metal body, bar the wing mirrors. The chrome fins over the side engine vents are nicely finished as with all the additional detailing which has a chrome or dull silver finish. Both wing mirrors are made out of a soft malleable plastic/rubber and detailed, including reflective stickers.

Four intake vents on the bonnet (hood) are recessed in the metal body and finished in a matt black paint. The taillights are clear with lots of characteristic detailing. This is also true of the headlights, which are made up of clear plastic and an inlay. The petrol cap is painted detail on too the metal body. The rear window has radiator lines and internal brake light. The under carriage of the car has a floor pan as seen in the film.

Above: The 1:18th scale Aston Martin DBS by RC2

The trunk is finished in a black flat plastic. All four seats are formed out of hard plastic with clean detailing. The rear seats are separated by a fire extinguisher. The inner panels of both the doors are cleanly modeling but lack any painted detail.

Small silver plaques are on the sills for both doors, the dashboard has four dials can which appear to be finely detailed with stickers. A silver centre console has also received detailing in the form of sticker and glossy finished plastics. The glove box is fixed open showing a pistol and storage space for other important items.

Detailing on the engine is average, with small name badges stamped on the centre . It is made up of several components , and forms an accurate representation which is finished in chrome and black.

Above: The 1:18th scale Aston Martin DBS by RC2

Clean collector friendly packaging, the box has windows on four faces. The rear face gives pictorial details of other cars in the series. This is the first car Bond car issued by RC2 not to include a Q-CD.

The car comes taped up and screwed to a hard plastic base. The plastic base fits snugly into the box and only allows the flaps to be closed in a securing order. There is no tape seal on the externals of the box which ensures your don't damage it when removing the car.

RC2's first all new James Bond car is impressive and movie accurate. Priced at £34.99 in the UK, and $39.99 in the USA, the car is slightly more expensive than the average 1:18th scale car due to the James Bond brand, and with no gadgets or Q-CD it's a little harder to justify. However this is a must have for any Bond or car fan as RC2 have deliver a quality product. If given the choice between the new DB5 and DBS - the DBS wins hands down.

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