MI6 gives you an exclusive preview of RC2 Lotus Esprit 1/18th scale featured in "The Spy Who Loved Me". MI6 has the details on the most gadget laden car yet...

RC2 Lotus Esprit Preview
9th September 2005

The Lotus had the capability to transform into a submarine and had an array of other ingenious gadgets that are faithfully reproduced in the 1/18th scale model from RC2.

Harpoons for underwater combat

Spare tire

The car is the last of a special six car series for 2005, which the company has released in its Joyride entertainment range, and are big enough to show a high level of detail including many of the “gizmos”, for which the real cars have become famous, and which actually work on the models.

The Lotus is no exception with changeable wheels to convert the street car into a submarine, retractable window shields, opening bonnet with engine details and doors, which open to reveal a detailed interior

RC2’s head of sales and marketing for collectibles, Director Ray Wootton said: “This is a fantastic model of a car which for many was the most advanced Bond car ever and from a film which was one of the most popular.

Blinds for window


He added: “The models of the Bond cars have taken the collecting world by storm and we have had interest from Bond enthusiasts and collectors all over the World.

All the Bond cars retail for £29.99 and each model comes packaged in special boxes, covered with artwork which features the 007 logo, plus the name of the film in which the car appears and pictures of the car in action. Each is accompanied by an exclusive and collectable Q-card CD Rom, which includes screen savers, wallpapers, vehicle specifications and 3D.

White Lotus Esprit, number plate "PPW 306R", had the following modifications:

Submarine Features

  • Retractable wheels, with extendable covers to protect the wheel cavity
  • Retractable fins and rudders for underwater steering
  • Convertible dashboard to double as a submarine control system
  • Radar and Nautical guidance equipment
  • Metal blinds for rear window
  • Four retractable propeller units at the rear of the car

Weapons & Defence

  • Surface-to-air missiles
  • Underwater mines
  • Oil-slick sprayer for underwater camouflage
  • Rear mounted concrete sprayers
  • Harpoons for underwater combat
  • Self destruct system
  • TV Monitor and closed circuit camera
  • Periscope

Other Models
Joyride Entertainment (part of the RC2 group) secured the James Bond license in 2004 and plan to release twelve cars over the two years. The range will visit a mixture of famous cars from the 20 film canon. The models are expected to retail between £29.99 and £34.99 in the UK, and $39.99 in the USA (prices may vary). Updated release dates are estimates and are subject to change. RC2 had a proposed Bond 21 car for a 2005, but due to the film being moved to 2006 its unclear what will happen. Expect a further six cars to be announced in the near future.