MI6 reviews the third 1:18th scale James Bond car from RC2 - James Bond's Aston Martin Vanquish from the 2002 film "Die Another Day"...

RC2 1:18th Aston Martin Vanquish Review
4th May 2005

"Die Another Day" saw James Bond reunited with an Aston Martin after a three film stint with BMW. The 55 million dollar delay secured Bond in a Ford owned brand for the next few films. The first in 2002 saw 007 behind the wheel of a new Aston Martin - the V12 Vanquish.

Above: The 1:18th scale Aston Martin Vanquish by RC2

The metallic gun metal grey finish is flawless across the metal body. Two plastic components are an off colour - the rear bumper and front grill bumper surround. This is also true of the removable roof section that fits tightly.

The chrome fins over the engine vents are well secured. All the additional detailing has been created out of plastic with a chrome finish, window seals, wipers, aril and wing mirrors. Both wing mirrors are made out of a soft malleable plastic/rubber and detailed on top, including reflective stickers.

Two intake vents on the bonnet (hood) are punched through the metal, and they are textured and slide to allow the machine guns to pop out.


All four tires are thinner, and the car's ride is higher as in the film, due to the car being updated for driving on the ice. The brakes have a lightly stamped Aston Martin logo which adds a nice touch.

The taillights are clear with lots of characteristic detailing. This is also true of the headlights, which are made up of clear plastic and an inlay. The petrol cap is finished in chrome and inlayed into the metal body. The rear window has radiator lines and internal brake light. The under carriage of the car has a floor pan as seen in the film. The tail pipes of the exhaust system produce from the rear.

The trunk its finished in a black flat plastic, and a fire extinguisher can be found modelled into the detailing of the boot. All four seats are formed out of hard plastic with clean detailing. Both rear seats have soft seatbelts that have been stretched over them. Clean modelling and silver detailing can be found on the inner panels on the doors and along side each of the rear seats.

Ejector seat button is very fiddly to activate. Once the chair has been fired it launches a centimetre, and when resetting the chair you must ensure the spring is correctly positioned. Small gold plaques are on the sills for both doors, the drivers side also features the hand break. The dashboard has three dials can which appear to be finely detailed stickers. A silver centre console has also received detailing in the form of sticker and red paint.

Detailing on the engine is average, with small name badges stamped in the correct place. Made up of several components , it forms an accurate representation at this scale. Finished in chrome and black, you need to open the bonnet (hood) to open
the engine air intakes and pull the machine guns out.

Above: The packaging displays all of the Vanquish special features.

Clean collector friendly packaging the box has windows on four faces. A small montage of clips of the car is show on the front and side faces. The rear face gives pictorial details of the gadgets and a little information on the car. There are no instructions explaining how to work any of the gadgets or documentation on the car and its famous role in "Die Another Day". Even if included on the Q-CD it would have been a welcome addition.

The car comes taped up and screwed to a hard plastic base. The plastic base fights snugly into the box and only allows the flaps to be closed in a securing order. There is no tape seal on the externals of the box which ensures your don’t damage it when removing the car.


  • Retractable front grille panels to expose rockets and machine guns –activated by a small switches on the underside of the car. Once deployed the rockets appear from behind the lower central grill.
  • Sliding intake covers – move these from under the bonnet (hood) which will allow the,
  • Retractable guns that pop through the intake openings – these little guns fit through the intakes and rotate to give different angles of fire.
  • Passenger ejector seat – remove the roof first, and activate. Its not powerful enough to launch the chair out of the roof, however is one of the better feature of the car. Replacing the chair is fiddly, watch out for the spring.
  • Working front steering – with a little effort the stiff steering wheel can be turned thus moving turn the front tires.
  • Independent suspension – all four wheels have a little springy given in them for the extra level of realism.

With RC2's second attempt at this new business card size CD-ROM, it features 2 wallpapers, an interactive gallery of stills and a 360 degree view of the car with images of the cars gadgets. The quality of the presentation and images are still poor, requiring a re-think.

Above: The Vanquish comes with a "Q Card"


RC2’s third 1/18 scale Bond car is impressive, and the accurate depiction of the car has a good assortment of extras. The Vanquish is definitely not flawless with some of the smaller detailing suffering some minor defects. The plastic roof is poorly fitted, however once in place it will not fall away like the DB5. Finally, the ejector seat is fiddly to activate, and is not as powerful enough to launch out of the car.

If RC2 improve the Q-CD and continue this standard of quality throughout their Bond range with all extras, it will be a pleasant change to see the James Bond license being used to a high standard.

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Joyride Entertainment (part of the RC2 group) secured the James Bond license in 2004 and plan to release twelve cars over the two years. The range will visit a mixture of famous cars from the 20 film canon. The models are expected to retail at £34.99 in the UK, and $39.99 in the USA (prices may vary). Updated release dates are estimates and are subject to change. RC2 had a proposed Bond 21 car for a 2005, but due to the film being moved to 2006 its unclear what will happen. Expect a further six cars to be announced in the near future.