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In 2004, Sideshow Collectibles announced the release of a new ¼ scale range of James Bond figures, starting with the iconic Sean Connery. MI6 now takes a look at the second figure to be released in the Premium Format range based on Bond #5, Pierce Brosnan.

Pierce Brosnan was the last actor to be signed by Albert Broccoli to play the role of Bond. Cubby was a master at getting the press to do his publicity; and the announcement of Brosnan landing the role was kept a mystery until the final moment.


Pierce Brosnan helped breath new life into the series. Brosnan would appear in four consecutive Bond films (“GoldenEye” – 1995, “Tomorrow Never Dies” – 1997, “The World Is Not Enough” – 1999, “Die Another Day” – 2002), and unlike past actors his likeness would be used in two official video games.
Pierce Brosnan Biography

MI6 reviews the Sideshow Collectibles figures...

James Bond - Pierce Brosnan (¼ Scale)

Item No: 7122
Size: 18 inch (456mm)
Weight: 11.00 lbs (4.75 Kg)
Units: 1250
Artist: Oluf W. Hartvigson
Fabrication by Greg Mowry

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Official Description
Pierce Brosnan has brought new vigor to the Bond franchise, and this mixed-media 1:4 scale figure perfectly captures his dashing portrayal of 007, the world's best known super-spy. This semi-articulated figure includes an authentic Brosnan likeness, expertly tailored clothing, and a hand-numbered James Bond themed base.

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Right: Front panel box art


"We were more interested in a quintessential pose and look for the 1/4 scale." - Oluf W. Hartvigson

Above: Gun detailing

First Impressions
There are a couple of things that surprise you when you pick up this figure. First, the size. The second is the weight. When Sideshow says approximately 11.00 lbs (4.75 Kg) they mean it! The figure is heavy and cold to the touch, courtesy of the polystone material. Polystone is a mixture of marble or porcelain powder that is blended with polyurethane vinyl. Unlike a normal setting process, polystone is created using a cold process, which enables it to retain greater detail.

The Base
With a limited run of only 1,250 figures, the underside of the base is individually identified, numerically. Each one is printed with the sculptor’s name and signature, Oluf W. Hartvigson, and the usual legal text. The silver base is relatively light and the front sports a simple plate with “James Bond 007” and “Pierce Brosnan” underneath. The top of the base features the gun barrel logo that has become synonymous with Bond. Three metal pegs protrude from the logo, which allow the figure to stand upright.

Figure – Sculpting
The body has been formed from a single piece of polystone, and this has resulted in all the detailing and casting being carried out with extra care in this larger scale. Both arms have been joined to the main piece that forms the body of the figure.

Head – Sculpting
Oluf W. Hartvigson has been working with Sideshow long enough to know how to sculpt a good figure, and it shows in the ¼ scale Brosnan. It's obvious that a lot of work has gone into this figure, and it is most evident in the figure’s head. Both contours and creases have been worked into the design to give Brosnan the same look as in later outings as Bond.

The features around the head have little to no flashing or other manufacturing marks, even around the figure’s ears, which is unusual for any figure. One point of small contention with previous Sideshow figures was the hair and the quality of the fixing. In the Premium Format series this is not an issue, Sideshow has used the larger scale to full advantage. The hair is part of the head and is painted along with the rest of the features. Layers have been worked into the hair giving additional detail. The parting’s direction has been carefully considered and incorporated into the look. The results are excellent and a credit to Sideshow.

"The scale change gives it a more significant physical presence." - Oluf W. Hartvigson

Gun & Hands – Sculpting
The sculpting of the hands is something that could be improved upon. To Sideshow’s credit they have tried to add a lot of detail, which is evident by the amount of crease lines and veins that have been added to the hands. However, the fingers and finger nails could do with a little more attention. This figure could, however, be a one-off.

Above: Brosnan is fixed in a classic Bond pose.

The Walther that Brosnan holds looks life-like and is held in the classic Bond pose. One major difference between the ¼ and 1/6 scale figures is that the weapons are fixed into the Premium Format figure’s hands; this simply adds to the realism of the piece. The finishing in this area is good, and the weapon has a painted matte finish, which gives it the look of a real Walther.

Shoes – Sculpting
The shoes have been carefully and clearly molded, resulting in lots of detailing. Pegs on the stand fit into three holes in the shoes, and the fit is tight and allows for no movement. Detailing can be seen on the seams of the shoes and laces, not to mention the creases in the leather. The shoes have been molded out of polystone and then painted, thus the figure has no socks like the recent Sideshow Bond 1/6 scale figures. Detailing on the underside of the shoe would have been a nice additional feature.

Above: Reverse panel box art

Head – Painting
The hair is a single shade of dark brown with lighter highlights throughout. These highlights are not actually seen from a distance, but instead add to the overall color. The hairline is clean, yet slightly ragged which adds to the realism. Sideshow has done a top notch job in creating realistic hair in this medium.

The skin bares a slightly tanned color almost identical to the color of the well-tanned Brosnan. Creases and wrinkle lines are slightly darker, adding to the figure’s dimension. The lips, nostrils, and ears are all detailed using slightly off skin tones.

The sculpted bushy eyebrows are the same color as the hair. Combining the sculpting and paint appears to thicken and add more coloration, which helps sell the figure’s expression. Similar in appearance to the smaller 1/6 scale Sideshow figures, the eyes are clear brown and the correct size.

Gun & Hands – Painting
A small amount of bleed is visible in between the fingers, however this could be a one-off with this particular figure. Both hands have lots of detailing, including the obscured palms. The Walther itself is well painted and detailed, giving a true life-like image.

The trousers (pants) fit perfectly for the pose, and the length is down to the shoes on both legs. A gloss strip has been added on both the outer seam lines, which helps create illusion of a tuxedo rather than a suit.

The shirt is comprised of several smaller parts. The cuffs are separated, and they feature gold-colored cufflinks, which adds a nice touch to the figure.

The chest of the pleated shirt has a single visible white button holding it fast to the body. Unlike previous Sideshow Premium Format figures the shirt collar is securely fastened, ensuring that it always stays in place. The jacket and breast pocket with handkerchief are well placed and scaled. All the pockets are seamed, and the lapels use the same gloss material as seen on the trousers (pants).

This Pierce Brosnan Premium Format ¼ scale figure from Sideshow captures his likeness throughout his era as 007, rather than a specific film, and perfectly encapsulates his iconic image as the Bond of the 90's. Overall, the figure is excellent and of exceptional quality. There are a few small areas that could be improved upon, however these do not detract too much from the figure, which is a must for any Bond collector.

Abovet: Watch detailing

The ¼ scale Brosnan has certainly built on the success of Sideshow' s ¼ scale Connery. When comparing both models side by side, it’s obvious that the creators have thought about working on improving the Premium Format series rather than simply producing another figure. As far as ¼ scales are concerned, Sideshow is going from good to better. The high price tag may put off some potential buyers, however it’s easy to see where the money has gone with this figure.

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