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1995 saw a new actor take up the mantle of James Bond, and he was accompanied by a fellow 00 agent, Alec Trevelyan, who shared many of Bond’s interests and passions. The second figure in this trio, 006 Alec Trevelyan is the most accessories-rich figure in the Goldeneye range.

The exclusive edition of this figure comes with a second head that is interchangeable, allowing the figure to appear as 006 did at the start of the film as well as scarred at the end.

Sideshow Collectibles, founded in 1994, has been exclusively licensed to create a line of 12" collectible figures in the likeness of all five Bond actors, key villains and some of the famous women.

Alec Trevelyan '006' - Sean Bean

Item No: 77261
Size: 12 inch (304mm)
Weight: 3.00 lbs (1.30 Kg)
Units: 750
Artist: Mat Falls

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Official Description
A fellow "00" agent and best friend of James Bond, it was believed 006 died in 1986 when he and James Bond were on a mission at a Soviet chemical weapons facility. Nine years later it was learned that 006 was coordinating a plot to hijack the GoldenEye satellite to rob the bank of England.

The 12" figure comes with GoldenEye device, Browing BDM Pistol , AK-74 rifle, and figure stand.

With so few promotional posters being issued for Goldeneye Sideshow has struggled to find an image for the flap of the box. Sideshow opted for Terry O’Neil’s advance, which was the teaser and was used for John Gardener's Goldeneye novelization.

Above: Reverse box art

The internal flap features sporadic images from the opening credits of the film. ‘The Mission’ text briefly summarizes the adventure and lists the primary cast.

The rear face is split into two halves by nine stills from the film, and there is a brief bio of Sean Bean up to Wolfgang Petersen’s Troy.

The lower potion includes a picture of the final figure in the Goldeneye range, Xenia Onatopp. Three brief paragraphs fill the remaining space, each key ingredients of any James Bond film. First ‘The Villains Gadgets’ looking at the Goldeneye weapon system, secondly a look at ‘James Bond’ portrayed by Pierce Brosnan, and finally ‘Bond Girl’, a single line about vixen Onatopp played by Famke Janseen.

Printed on the tray is a faint gun barrel, which can be found across Sideshow's range of Bond figures. This figure was not as easily removed as past figures have been because of additional ties. Once these had been removed the figure can be easily replaced for storage.


As with all Bond figures Sideshow has issued, the level of detail is subjective. This new figure however is nothing to be ashamed of.

750 exclusive figures were issued by Sideshow with the two interchange heads. When looking at the heads' proportions compared to the body, they appear a little large. Neither of the heads have visible join lines, and forming around the ears is clean.

The hands have been formed to hold the accessories that accompany this figure, including the Goldeneye key. Upon closer inspection finer details on the hands are visible including defined veins, tendons and creases in the skin at the joints. Small amounts of flashing can be seen on both hands, however this does not distract from the overall appearance.

Sean Bean’s captured likeness is not the best, and this could have been due to the production using a different plastic for the removable heads that may not transfer the sculpted detail as well.

Overall the detailing on this figure is just below Sideshow's usual high standard. On the whole the detailing you have come to expect is visible, clean lines with a jagged finish on some of the hairlines.

With two heads, the quality and individuality of each figure becomes apparent. The scarred version of the head’s eyebrows are not fully detailed, and the area around the eyes on the scarred head are darker, giving a more menacing appearance. The watch has bleed around the face. Hopefully Sideshow will work on a new process to reduce this in future figures.

Using Sideshow's well-established 12-inch male body, 006 has all the movement you would expect to place him in the classic poses. The well fitting two-piece costume allows for full range of movement. Featuring tight fitting joints - the removable head makes no difference to the neck movement - ball jointed shoulders, chest, cut biceps, along with double-jointed elbows and wrists. The waist is twistable along with the hips, thighs, knees and ankles.

The exclusive figure comes with an interchangeable head. Both heads are slightly different and show that each figure is hand finished. You can swap the heads, which are a soft plastic rather than the usual firm plastic.

All three figures in this range are equipped with an AK47 rifle. The finish on the separate magazine is a little poorer than that on Brosnan figure's magazine. Also the fitting between the gun and magazine is loose.

The Browning handgun is well formed and has tiny amounts of flashing, which is expected for an item on this scale. A hard plastic holster is provided to store the gun, which is easily fitted to the figures belt

The final accessory is the Goldeneye key, which is a nice touch, however it's only single-sided. The reverse is flat, finished in a silver plastic. With a good mix of extras, the addition of the extra head makes this set of accessories impressive.

Made up of two main pieces, the costume features a black shirt with two breast pockets. Fastened by three poppers, the loose shirt allows for maximum upper body movement. The shirt has higher collars than usual, however they are not overly noticeable. This is to hide the join line for the removable head.

The black trousers are held fastened by a single popper at the waist. A film accurate belt and buckle have been threaded through loops on the waist of the trousers and is extremely fiddly to undo. Like the earlier Dr. No figur,e 006 comes with black socks that are a little loose. The figure has the Sideshow standard Bond shoes, which can be found across a large portion of the male figures in the range.


The costume on this Bond villain is simple yet well tailored, however both parts are made out of thin material; if held against the figures body they can appear semi transparent ruining the overall effect of the character.

Above: The front flap box art

GoldenEye device
Browing BDM Pistol
AK-74 rifle

The third figure in the "Goldeneye"trio is definitely not the weakest figure, nor is it the strongest. If you can get hold of the exclusive edition with the additional head it's recommended. 006 will make a nice addition to the villain’s range of 1/6 scale Bond figures.

When displaying the figure, it would be more characteristic to use the scarred head. The figure comes with the Sideshow James Bond stand that is the norm in their Bond range. Overall the product is one of the strongest villain figurers Sideshow has produced to date, along-side Dr. No and Blofeld.

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