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James Bond was originally meant to return in For Your Eyes Only, but with the success of space based adventures, Bond was set to visit the stars. In 1979 Roger Moore returned to cinema screens in Christopher Wood’s original screenplay Moonraker. Moore's fourth Bond film saw him visit the USA, Brazil, France and Italy as he battled Hugo Drax.

This is the second figure Sideshow Collectibles has released under the Moonraker title, the first being the iconic over-sized Jaws. After a strong run with Brosnan and Connery Bond figures, Sideshow has returned to Roger Moore. How well does this new Bond hold up against his past incantations, The Man With The Golden Gun and Live And Let Die?

Sideshow Collectibles, founded in 1994, has been exclusively licensed to create a line of 12" collectible figures in the likeness of all five Bond actors, key villains and some of the famous women. MI6 reviews the Sideshow Collectibles figures...

James Bond - Roger Moore

Item No: 7728
Size: 12 inch (304mm)
Weight: 3.00 lbs (1.30 Kg)
Units: 3000
Artist: Oluf Hartvigson

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Official Description
When a top-secret space shuttle on loan from Drax Industry to the UK plummets mysteriously into the Atlantic Ocean, British Secret Service agent "007" is asked to formally apologize to the CEO, Hugo Drax. James Bond uncovers a foul plan that involves the annihilation of the world's population so Hugo Drax can repopulate it according to his own twisted vision. A thrilling chase ensues that spans across the globe, leading 007 to a space station high above the earth's orbit!

Over 30 points of articulation
Authentic Roger Moore likeness
Fully detailed Moonraker flight suit and astronaut boots
The Moonraker laser gun
Wrist watch dart gun
12" Figure Display base featuring the Moonraker film logo

Using Sideshow's well established sixth scale male body, Bond has all the movement you would expect in order to place him in the classic James Bond poses. The well-tailored jumpsuit allows for full range of movement. This body features tight-fitting joints from the head, neck, ball jointed shoulders, chest, cut biceps, double-jointed elbows, and wrists. From the waist down it features a twistable waist, hips, thighs, knees and ankles.


The yellow one piece jump suit has been re-created fairly accurately. The obvious difference is the storage pockets located on the shins of the trousers (pants). The yellow jumpsuit and silver spacesuit create a definitive look for this film and its marketing. Sideshow has made the braver choice to produce the jumpsuit - similar in style to Lee’s in 1973’s Enter the Dragon. On the figure’s left is the Moonraker badge that is legible upon inspection. Cargo pockets are located on each thigh and are finished with silver buttons. A utility belt, as seen in the film, is secured with a single popper at the rear. The Jumpsuit is finished with a silver collar and black cuffs which feature poppers.

Above: Accessories including the exclusive cigar case.

The tailoring for the figure sets it apart from past Moore figures. Perfectly fitted, the jumpsuit is loose enough to enable a range of full movement and is in line with the late 70’s styling. Finishing the jumpsuit off are a pair of white and yellow ankle boots, which are modeled from soft rubber. Both are detailed with dirt and scuff.

The ray gun is the better of two accessories based on the later action sequences in the film, which take place on the space station. Built up of several pieces, the body is solid black plastic with small silver detailing. The barrel ends in clear plastic which gives a simple but effective look to the weapon.

Instead of a watch, the figure comes with a removable wrist dart gun. Finished in silver with no detailing, the accessory relies on the final modeling which holds up under close scrutiny. A little fiddly to initially secure, due to a tight fit ensuring the dart gun does not fall off.

Both accessories are well-formed and functional, and can be posed on the figure. The dart gun is a single piece and is oversize due to scale. No flashing can be seen which is impressive for something of this size.

Sideshow has updated their inlay tray for the only 1/6 scale Bond figure released in the last quarter of the year. The number of anchor points has been reduce by one allowing easier access to the figure and less damage to the box. The layout for the box follows the standard Bond range, with the US one sheet poster on the outer flap.

The inner flap features a short mission briefing and primary cast list. The upper half of the text on the rear face of the box looks at Moore’s career. This text is set along-side a full-length image of the figure. Eight still photos from the film split this from the bottom half, which features text on ‘The Bond Gadgets’, ‘Villain’ and ‘Bond Girl’. Highlighted areas can be seen all over the box taken from the opening sequence of Moonraker.

As with all these figures most of the details can be found on the head. Starting from the top, the brown hair has been highlighted with light brown streaks. Both eyes are clear and well formed, but focusing on a different focal point.

Subtle contrast has been added to the skin, with highlights and darker tones on the face to help extenuate the sculpted lines. There is no evidence of paint bleeding anywhere on the head, and the detailing lines are clean and strong. Faint amounts of detailing can be found the boots to simulate scuff marks.


Sideshow returns to Moore era films after focusing on Connery and Brosnan. Oluf W. Hartvigson returns to lend his hand to shaping the figure’s finer points. Using Sideshow’s well-established body, additional detail can be found on the head and hands. There is no visible flashing on either hand, however the veins are over pronounced. Fully detailed creases and folds in the skin are present, adding to the illusion of reality. The figure’s right hand is posed allowing it to hold the ray gun.

Using the established Live and Let Die head from Sideshow’s second Moore figure, Hartvigson has come extremely close in capturing Moore’s youthful look. There are fine crease details on the forehead and around either side of the nose. Only a tiny amount of flashing is visible on the crown of the head and left ear.


Wrist watch dart gun
Laser gun

The two accessories are far from the best, however the costume is near perfect - but some fans may have wanted to see the traditional silver space suit. The skin colour is too dark, but this figure works in general and exudes quality. Paired along-side Jaws, this duo will be something special as Sideshow adds a larger than life Bond to their collection.

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