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Once in a while Hollywood creates a memorable screen icons. On 7th July 1977 Richard Kiel’s Jaws was born into cinema history when “The Spy Who Loved Me” opened. The only James Bond henchman to appear twice, courtesy of Christopher Wood’s original stories, Kiel played opposite the then 007 star, Roger Moore. Jaws went on to survive both “The Spy Who Loved Me”, and the finale of “Moonraker” after making a truce Bond.

The famous metal teethed goon was recently seen in Electronics Arts video game “Everything or Nothing” where Jaws came back to battle Bond once more.

Sideshow Collectibles, founded in 1993, have been exclusively licensed to create a line of 12" collectible figures in the likeness of all five Bond actors, key villains and some of the famous women. MI6 reviews the Sideshow Collectibles figures...

Jaws - Richard Kiel

Item No: 7722
Size: 14 inch (355.6mm)
Weight: 4.00 lbs (1.73 Kg)
Units: 4000
Artist: Mat Falls

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Official Description
Jaws, the indestructible steel-toothed assassin was Bond's most memorable nemesis. He was hired to provide lethal services, on two separate occasions, by billionaires with plans of world domination and a dislike for Bond. Jaws presented a huge challenge for Bond until, realizing the error of his ways, he joined forces with him to defeat the billionaire Hugo Drax.

The limited edition 14 inch Jaws comes with over 30 points of articulation allowing for full human movement. He is outfitted in his tie, dress shirt and trousers, shoes, a hand-altimeter, parachute pack and goggles.


Above: The front flap box art


Sideshow has created an oversized box to accommodate this 1/6 scale figure, which clocks in at 14 inches tall. Decorated with the usual finery that you world expect from Sideshow, the oversized box features the final US poster release for Moonraker - which was Jaws’ second appearance. Jaws can be seen in one of the solar panels wrestling with Bond.

The inner flap gives a brief description of the film and cast listing. The box is highlighted with the villain’s personal Moonraker shuttle. On the reverse there is a short biography detailing Kiel’s life since Bond and his other personal achievements.

Sideshow continues to add summaries of varying aspect of the films, and this box gives a short blurb on the Villains Gadgets, James Bond and the Bond Girl. A host of stills finish off the back.

Mat Falls has created a truly great reproduction of Jaws on this scale. The head - including the all-important teeth - are well defined. Jaws’ sinister expression and large forehead help create a strong likeness to Kiel.

The hands are proportional to the oversized figure and carry the usual Sideshow detailing at all the joints and fingernails.


As with all these figures most of the details can be found on the head. Starting from the top, the dark brown hair has been highlighted with light brown streaks.

The skin has been highlighted and shadowed to create more depth to the face. There is no evidence of paint bleeding anywhere on the head, and the detailing lines are clean and strong. The famous steel teeth have been finished in a dull silver rather then a chrome as seen in the film which is a shame, however the colouring creates the desired effect.

This oversized figure is larger than any of the other 1/6 scale Bond series figures to help create the scale of the massive 7’2 Kiel. Sideshow appears to have created a completely new figure but with all the usual movement range. Jaws features tight fitting joints from the head, neck, ball jointed shoulders, chest, cut biceps and double jointed elbows. Both wrists are fixed though, which makes it impossible to pose them into any other position. The waist down features a twistable waist, hips, thighs, and knees and ankles.

Sideshow has chosen to base Jaws’ outfit and accessories on the opening sequence of Moonraker, which sees Bond and Jaws free fall while fighting for a single parachute. The figure comes in a white shirt and tie, and like many of their suited figures, the shirt collars are soft and don’t hold their shape. The figure’s high-waist flared trousers are perfect. These hide the fact that the figure has no socks.

The tanned shoes are finely detailed and making a change to the usual black Sideshow footwear on the available on the Bond range. The loose fit of the garments enable a full range of motion when positioning the figure.

Modelled on the opening sequence of Moonraker, the figure comes with three items. First is a small hand/wrist attachment in the form of an altimeter. This can be fitted with ease thanks to elastic straps. More detailing on this accessory was needed, as it is quite plain, and looks like an after thought compared to the quality of the figure.

Second, there is a pair of orange tint goggles that are the weakest of all three items. The lenses are clouded so if put on the figure the facial features are hidden.

Finally, the best accessory is the parachute, which can easily be fitted. However, is a little tricky for people with large hands. Using a combination of plastic and metal detailing for clips and locks it creates the best accessory to offer with this exclusive figure.

Above: Reverse box art


Parachute pack

The 7’2 Kiel would be impressed not only by his likeness, but also by the limited number. The accessories are the weakest compared with some of the other Bond series. But if you are presented with the chance to buy this now retired iconic figure, it’s a must have for your Bond collection. The figure also comes with a Sideshow James Bond stand embossed with Moonraker.

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