Sony have unveiled a limited edition Ian Fleming Digital Book Reader bundle complete with two James Bond eBooks...

Sony Bundles Ian Fleming eBook Reader
25th February 2009

This limited edition Ian Fleming Reader Digital Book bundle includes an eBook download code for two Bond titles, plus a "007" embossed cover.

James Bond creator Ian Fleming was a master storyteller who gave life to the man with a license to kill. To mark the centenary of Fleming's birth and the release of the latest Bond film, Quantum of Solace, Sony are now offering a limited edition Reader bundle.

Bundle includes:

  • A Reader Digital Book
  • An eBook Store download code for one download of each of two of Ian Fleming's original Bond books: Casino Royale, the novel that started it all, and served as the basis for Daniel Craig's first appearance as 007, and For Your Eyes Only, a short story collection which includes Quantum of Solace, the short story that shares its title with the current Bond film release.
  • A "007" embossed cover for the Reader.

The Reader Digital Book holds about 160 eBooks or hundreds more with optional removable memory cards. Its portable size makes it the perfect travel companion, allowing you to read a variety of books whenever and wherever you want. With thousands of eBook titles available from the eBooks Store, you can choose to download new releases, classics and popular book titles as well as view other document formats such as Adobe® PDF10, RTF, TXT, BBeB® and Microsoft® Word. Its long battery life lasts up to 7,500 continuous page turns, and the amazing paper-like screen technology is easy on the eyes.

Ultra Portable
The Reader Digital Book offers a unique, on-the-go reading experience and is the perfect travel companion. With a compact and lightweight design, you can take it almost anywhere and read your books whenever and wherever you want. More compact than many paperbacks, it weighs about 9 ounces6 (without cover), is 1/3” thin8, and holds up to 160 eBooks4. You can easily hold it in one hand, and with its rechargeable battery, you can turn up to 7,500 continuous pages on a single charge2.

Impressive, paper-like display
The Reader Digital Book provides a new way to experience reading. It boasts an impressive 6-inch display1, utilizing breakthrough E Ink® technology that’s almost paper-like, making it easy to read, even in bright sunshine. In addition, the screen allows for high contrast and high resolution, with a near 180º viewing angle. The text can also be magnified for comfort.

Content storage capability
With a compact and lightweight design you can take the Reader Digital Book almost anywhere. And with plenty of internal memory, and a slot for optional removable memory cards, you can take hundreds of titles, user-selected Web content, or other supported documents for reading on the go. It will hold approximately 160 averaged sized eBooks in internal memory4 and hundreds more with optional removable memory cards.

Multiple eBook titles available
The Reader Digital Book allows you to search, browse, discover, and buy thousands of new releases, classics and popular eBook titles from the Connect eBook Store and other participating websites3. You can even go to other sites that have unsecured eBooks in file formats that the Reader supports5. This translates into an incredible amount of content suitable for the Reader.

More Than eBooks
The Reader Digital Book isn’t just about reading eBooks. Using the included eBook Library 2.0 PC Software, you can easily transfer Adobe® PDF documents10, Microsoft Word documents5, BBeB Book, and other text file formats to the Reader, allowing you the flexibility to access and view multiple files at any time.

Ian Fleming's series of James Bond novels are also available for Amazon Kindle.

Note: Use of companion eBook Store limited to U.S. and Canadian residents. Certain titles may not be available for download based on place of residence.