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Win NightFire Strategy Guides
25th January 2004

Before the next Bond gaming adventure "Everything or Nothing" hits stores in late February, have you completed "NightFire" and discovered all the Bond moves and unlocks? If not then you may need a helping hand, and Prima Games have a guide that can help you conquer every aspect of 007's last game outing.

The glossy 160 page book, ideal for resting on your lap as you shoot your way through enemies, contains walkthrough's for both the console version (Playstation 2, Xbox, Gamecube) and the PC CDROM version.

Detailed 3D maps guide you through all of the exotic locales, and can help get you out of a tight corner if you find yourself lost in a labyrinth of offices or missile silos. Knowing where you are and where to go is one thing, but also having intel on who you will be up against is where the guide really helps with a comprehensive enemy section to prepare Bond for action. Every weapon, gadget and vehicle is analyzed so you can know what to use and when to maximum effect.

Unlocking NightFire's Secrets

Unlocking all the rewards and finding all the Bond moves can be tougher than completing the game itself. Reaching "Platinum" award levels can be very difficult, but thanks to complete listings of all the Bond moves (where the 007 logo appears) you should be able to reach the points quota without breaking a sweat. There is also a listing of what you will earn from each mission and reward level, so you can choose whether to go after the "Goldfinger" character skin or the pistol upgrade first.

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Now you have all the unlocks, what better than to know a few inside secrets on how to conquer the multiplayer stages? With tips for both the console and PC versions of the multiplayer modes, complete with scenario breakdowns and hints and tips, you should be able to stay King of the Hill whether you take on the AI Bots or human opponents.

Above: A sampler of the NightFire strategy guide.

NightFire Strategy Guides To Be Won!
The "NightFire" strategy guide can still be found in the shops, but MI6 has some copies to give away to lucky readers thanks to Prima Games.

Simply answer the question correctly for your chance to win:


Terms & Conditions
The competition closes at midnight on 22nd February 2004. MI6 will choose the winners at random from the correct answers received.

The winners will be contacted via the email address supplied and their postal address will be requested. If a winner fails to respond within 7 days of prize notification, another winner will be chosen until all prizes are allotted.

Competition is open to international MI6 readers.

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