Roger Moore set to record Ultimate Edition DVD commentaries for his seven James Bond movies...

Roger Moore DVD Commentaries
10th August 2005

Sir Roger Moore is currently in negotiations with MGM Home Video to record audio commentaries to his seven 007 films in the up and coming Ultimate Edition James Bond DVD series, according to reports on his official site.

His PA Gareth Owen told the site: "it is planned to record the commentaries during September for the disc's 2006 release".

Although originally planned for October 2005, due to the delay of "Casino Royale", the Ultimate Edition DVDs are now scheduled for release 2006.

Of the seven Special Edition DVDs covering Roger Moore's stint as 007 (first released in 2000), the quality and content of the audio commentaries vary.

Pierce Brosnan was the first (and so far only) James Bond actor to provide an audio commentary for a 007 film, when "Die Another Day" Special Edition DVD was released last summer. Brosnan's commentary was joined by Rosamund Pike (Miranda Frost), although the sessions were recorded separately.

There is no word yet of any plans for other former James Bond's to record similar commentaries for their movies, although Sir Sean Connery is finally coming back to the franchise to provide his voice and likeness for the forthcoming videogame "From Russia With Love".


Ultimate Editions
The James Bond movies are being brought into the 21st century with special 5.1 surround sound remastering, new film transfers and extra special features ready for new "Ultimate Editions". Although no release date has been set, and details on the extras are yet to be officially announced, some aspects of the DVDs are being uncovered.
Ultimate Edition DVD - MI6 Coverage

Above: The cover of "The Spy Who Loved Me" Special Edition DVD.

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Live And Let Die
1) Director Guy Hamilton
2) Writer Tom Manckiewicz

The Man With The Golden Gun
1) Director Guy Hamilton, and members of the cast and crew

The Spy Who Loved Me
1) Director Lewis Gilbert, Production Designer Ken Adam, co-writers Christopher Wood and Michael Wilson

1) Director Lewis Gilbert, and members of the crew

For Your Eyes Only
1) Director John Glenn, and members of the crew
2) Producer Michael Wilson, and members of the crew

1) Director John Glen

A View To A Kill
1) Director John Glen, and members of the cast and crew

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