"Die Another Day" features heavily in the nomination line-up for the Taurus World Stunt Awards 2003 due to be held on June 1st....

Taurus World Stunt Awards 2003 - Nominations
23rd May 2003

The Taurus World Stunt Awards recognises and honours the entertainment industry's "extreme athletes", the stunt professionals who demonstrate their awe-inspiring talent in movies. This year, the latest Bond film "Die Another Day" has racked up an impressive 6 nominations from the 8 possible categories. Alongside 007, the nominees have been selected from 17 other films, including "XXX," "Spiderman," "Die Another Day," "Blade II" and "Blue Crush.".

The show also benefits the Taurus World Stunt Awards Foundation, which was established by an endowment from Mateschitz to provide financial assistance to stunt performers who experience a debilitating stunt related injury.

"Die Another Day" Nominations

Best Fight
Two stunt men fight using swords throughout a palace. Fight includes the use of different swords starting with epees and progresses to samurai and broad swords showing the different application for each weapon.
Nominees: Ben Bellman and Mark Mottram
Also nominated: Blade II, Gangs of New York, Half Past Dead, Spiderman

Best Overall Stunt By A Woman
Two stunt women fight on an aeroplane that is about to crash. This fight uses multiple swords and weapons, as well as acrobatic and martial arts moves.
Nominees: Nikki Berwick, Jamie Blake and Amanda Foster
Also nominated: Ballistic:Ecks vs.Sever, Blue Crush, Mr.Deeds, Hot Chick

Best Speciality Stunt
Three surfers ride large waves,crossing each other on the face of the wave and moving closely together,as they make their way to the beach.
Nominees: Derrick Doener, Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama
Also nominated: Blue Crush, XXX, Extreme Ops

Best Work With A Vehicle
Stunt drivers chase each other through a melting building made entirely of ice and on a frozen tundra. Machine guns and explosives are fired at each car as they make their way around the palace and crash into walls and drive around pools of water. One car is flipped on its hood and skids along the ice.
Nominees: George Cottle and Ray de Haan
Stunt men drive hovercrafts around a mine field while shooting at each other. Hovercrafts are blown up, flipped and glide over fire and muddy pools. Two stunt men also fight on the moving vehicles. The chase ends when the vehicles crash over a cliff, into a pool of water.
Nominees: George Cottle and Ray de Haan
Also nominated: Bourne Identity, Showtime, XXX

Best Stunt Co-ordination / 2nd Unit Director: Feature
Die Another Day
Nominees: George Aguilar and Vic Armstrong
Also nominated: Gangs of New York (also George Aguilar and Vic Armstrong), XXX, We Were Soldiers, Blade II


Event Details

The third annual Taurus World Stunt Awards, hosted by Dennis Hopper, will take place on Sunday, June 1st, 2003 at Paramount Studios, and will be telecast the following Monday, June 9th, 2003 on USA Network at 8:00 pm EDT/PDT.

Celebrities presenting Taurus World Stunt Awards will include Jennifer Garner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carrie-Anne Moss, Vince Vaughn, Michelle Rodriguez, David Arquette, Kelly Hu and many others.

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