James Bond will return... In "NightFire"!

Andrew Lucas, founder of 007Gaming.com, has filed this report with MI6 on the new James Bond 007 game to hit PS2, Gamecube and PC later this year. 007 Gaming have also supplied the very first screen shot of the game.

James Bond Will Return In "NightFire"
22nd August 2002

James Bond will Return in 'NightFire' from the publisher Electronic Arts, but it won't be based on "Die Another Day". After the success of Agent Under Fire which was released for Playstation 2 last November and also XBox and Gamecube in March, 'James Bond 007 In... NightFire' will ship on Playstation 2, Xbox, Gamecube and PC.

It has been written by entertainment writers Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo, who also worked on "Agent Under Fire". EA is working with MGM Interactive to try and bring elements from the new film, "Die Another Day", although the main focus of the game is on quality interactive entertainment.

The main plot will contain a criminal mastermind called Rafael Drake, the head of a mysterious environmental corporation seeking world domination.

Men Behind The Mayhem

The UK developer Eurocom Entertainment, which created the N64 "The World Is Not Enough" game, will be behind the GameCube, Xbox and PS2 versions of NightFire. Gearbox Software, creators of the very popular Half Life series, is dedicated to the PC version.

NightFire is reported to be primarily a first-person shooter, including action and stealth objectives. 007Gaming can reveal that the game will include exotic locales, beautiful women, a wide arsenal of weapons, spy gadgetry and spy craft will appear, but a third-person view is also used for specific puzzle areas and to show off 007's good looks during the in-game cut-scenes.

The title will challenge players to determine when to go out blasting, when to use special spy craft to accomplish goals and when to play it stealthily. It will feature 10 exotic locations in detailed 3D environments and next-generation graphics and it will also draw upon the last 40 years for a cast of villains and allies that will be both familiar and completely new to players.

The console versions of the game will feature exclusive driving experiences created by the "Need For Speed" team (the same team behind the spectacular driving missions in "Agent Under Fire") and will incorporate such classic cars as the "Die Another Day" Aston Martin Vanquish equipped with the latest Bond gadgetry. The PC version will boast exclusive single-player levels and a more robust multiplayer option. We currently know it will contain 32 player Online multiplayer support, but it is unknown if it includes LAN multiplayer support.

"NightFire" has been reported to have been in development with Eurocom and Gearbox for a considerable amount of time and will be up for show first on various platforms, at the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2002 which begins in Los Angeles, California in less than two weeks.

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