EA confirm that Casino Royale will be the next James Bond videogame - released for next generation consoles to coincide with the movie on 17th November 2006...

EA Confirm Casino Royale
30th January 2006

First it was on, then it was off, and now it seem to be officially on again. As MI6 first revealed back in December, the next James Bond game in development from Electronic Arts is a third-person version of "Casino Royale" starring Daniel Craig as 007.

The game is planned to coincide with the release of the film in theatres on November 17th 2006.

"Casino Royale" will ship for the next generation platforms: the recently released Microsoft Xbox 360, and forthcoming Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Revolution platforms. It is expected that the new Bond game will be a launch title for the eagerly anticipated PS3 in Europe.

Pre-production work on the game started a few months ago, with concept artwork and some 3D models already complete, even before the latest game From Russia With Love hit the shelves. The game is in the third-person perspective, and is planned to follow the plot of the movie, which will feature an original first third and then follow Ian Fleming's story for the remainder of the adventure.

Above: Daniel Craig is the sixth official James Bond, taking over from four-times 007 Pierce Brosnan.

EA's confirmation that the title had begun production again came in recruitment advertisements posted today by the company. The postings hinted at direct ties with the movie's production team, including Daniel Craig and the rest of the cast, director Martin Campbell, the script and marketing campaign. Casino Royale the videogame is expected to be released on the same day as the movie hits theatres - November 17th 2006.

Above: Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3

EA hold an exclusive videogame license with MGM to create James Bond titles up until 2010. The deal covers all of Ian Fleming's Bond books, the twenty films already released, and any future 007 films - including "Casino Royale".

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